Young Leaders Set Out to Reach Thousands of Children

by | Oct 9, 2022

This past June, the second generation of TransformNation (TfN) Interns, known as “Class B,” completed the 8 year program! Below they express their gratitude to MSI donors, share testimonies and future plans:



“These past eight years I learned to be a teacher, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a mechanic. Thanks to my sponsor, I finished my studies, got a degree and was able to work. Now I am ready to supervise the school development on Nipa Island.”


“Thank you for fighting for me, and for being committed to love me. My dream was to become a teacher with influence, and I am now! Through TfN, I learned Christian values, teaching skills, built integrity, discipline and innovation.”


“Over the years with TfN, I learned that children need a good role model. Thank you for giving me a great opportunity to make a positive impact on them. I see that in 20 years from now they will become leaders with great influence and integrity for this nation.”


“I realized when God called me to serve the Island of Promise, it was not only for me to bless this place but I was also blessed through the children that God entrusted to be in my class. I will continue to serve these children with my husband.” (Editor’s Note: Erin married Jordan last year).


“I experienced a trauma and for years I couldn’t forgive my parents. Then, a teacher taught me that Jesus loves me. We prayed together. When I joined TfN, they taught me to forgive my parents. From that day, my life changed. These 8 years, I realize I’m God’s instrument to reach out to children with Christ’s love.”


“You not only supported me, but you gave your hopes, your prayers, and your love to children in remote Papua where I teach. God has called me and Alicia to serve Papuan children for another 10 years! There will be many challenges, but our faith is in God.” (Editor’s Note: Raymond married Alicia last year).


“I look back and I see a very different Mark. I see Mark who has grown in faith, character, and knowledge. Now, I am passing your love on to the 39 village children I am teaching on Gapanau Island. Through sponsors like you, these children will receive a good quality education, and this means a lot. Lord Jesus must be smiling seeing this.”


“Before I joined TfN, I thought of myself as a loser and thought I was worthless. My mentor taught me to have a victorious mindset in Christ. Now God has called me to serve street children through the Ladybug Youth Development Center in Kumbang. The truth that I learned from my struggles, helps me to lead the next generation.”