Youth Development Center Reaches Out to Street Children

by | Oct 20, 2022

Many schools in rural parts of Indonesia have not taken education seriously. One sign of this is that school finishes before lunch every day. This leaves children free to roam the streets, form gangs, and get into trouble as they are unsupervised all afternoon and evening.

“We see this as a strategic opportunity to reach hundreds of kids after school hours and on the weekends. Our vision is to open an educational center that is not labelled as a school. By changing the terminology, we will be free to shape our own curriculum without the entanglements and bureaucracy of the local Department of Education,” said Paul, MSI International Director. This model will be more efficient and cost effective than starting a school.

The first step is to create a center of learning for kids and teenagers. Upon their arrival, children will have the opportunity to participate in a time of prayer, sharing, and Bible study. They will also have access to courses in English, computers, life skills, art, and tutoring for all the subjects they study in school but may be falling behind in. Ultimately, the aim of this program is to have a massive impact on kids who are wandering the streets, getting into trouble, and headed for a future with little hope.

“We want to reach them, provide them with Christian discipleship, and empower them with life skills and academic fortitude to revolutionize their future,” Paul added. As a pilot project, the center will also serve as a learning opportunity for MSI Indonesia on how to effectively run more youth development centers in other places in the future. To get protégés ready, the TfN curriculum has been adapted to equip trainees how to effectively teach, not only in traditional school settings, but also in youth development centers.