Youth Development Center

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Ladybug Youth Development Center

Located in Kumbang City, one of the islands in the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Ladybug Youth Development Center opened in September 2022.

After graduating from the TransformNation (TfN) Teacher-Training Program, Leland felt called to go back to his home island to start educating children. Through his personal experiences and passion, Leland believes that children and teenagers need a safe and nurturing environment to discover and grow their potential. Through the center, his hope to is serve local children, especially the vulnerable children living on the streets, and empower them with life skills, character building, and mentorship.

(click the pictures above to see the activities at the youth center)

A team of four TfN teachers manage the center. Leland, a TfN alumni, leads the team of three TfN interns: Irina, Meli, and Erto.

The Center's Plan in Reaching Out to Children

1. Rent a house and prepare the classrooms. Consolidate with the teaching team to set up curriculums. Develop system and management.

2. Promoting the program and start teaching. Currently there are nine children joining three classes.

3. Collaborating with local organization and church to reach out to vulnerable children who are in the street of city's garbage disposal site. These children lives in temporary huts around the sites with their families or garbage picker communities. Ladybug Development Center will provide teachers, program, and mentorship to these children. The local church/organization will provide transportation, driver, and food.

Please click below to watch MSI teachers and the local organization visit the children and their community living in the garbage disposal site (video courtesy of teacher Irina).

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for nine children who currently studying with the center.

2. Please pray for the teaching team of the center.

3. Please pray for the center's next step to reach out to the city's vulnerable children.