TransformNation (TfN)

Teacher-Training Program
TransformNation (TfN) is the answer to the education crisis in marginalized areas of Indonesia. The program invests deeply in indigenous youth to train and equip them as teachers and leaders through a holistic model of transformative Christian education.


Through an extensive recruitment process, young people across Indonesia apply, are interviewed, and a small group is selected. Most of which come from poor rural communities with limited opportunities.


During the first 4 years of the program, TfN trainees obtain a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education, while being discipled and encouraged to grow in character, encounter Jesus daily, and adapt to new environments, cultures, and peoples.


Upon completion of phase one, TfN trainees are required to complete a four year internship, where they are given the opportunity to teach at rural Christian schools and serve as educators, leaders, and catalysts.

Why Teachers?

We believe that the most effective way to reach out to children, set them free from poverty, and share the knowledge of God is through great teachers.
What makes great teachers?
Great teachers don’t simply just execute a lesson plan. They spend thousands of hours investing in children to help shape the way they see the world. They are passionate and full of love. They are problem solvers and initiators. They look into the eyes of little children and see future leaders. Great teachers are the most influential people in the world.

TfN Goals

TfN graduates are not only teachers! They are educators, leaders, and catalysts.
Through an extensive 8-year program, TfN trainees are academically equipped to become skilled educators who will influence and transform communities, society, and culture.

TfN in Numbers

Since TfN began in 2011, 99 Indonesian youth have been trained and empowered. They are serving 35 communities across the Indonesian archipelago and are currently impacting more than 2000 children.


(YEARS 1-4)


(YEARS 5-8)




TfN Curriculum

TfN trainees are enrolled in two campuses.
The first is with the local university to obtain their Bachelor of Education degree.
The second is a comprehensive ministry training program to prepare and further shape their calling, character, and leadership.

How You Can Support

All 11 new TfN trainees (Class J) and one trainee from Class I have begun the first step of their journey to become Christian educators. If God moves you today, would you consider supporting one of them?


Gina has been in TfN for one year. She came from a farmer family with seven daughters. She believes that TfN will help her mature spiritually and support her to become a devoted teacher.


Abigail was born in Celebes. She missed many hours of school because her teachers were absent. This motivated her to want to become a committed teacher.


Bidya was born on the Island of Promise, in the Lesser Sunda Islands, to a farmer family. Bidya looks forward to teaching vulnerable children in remote villages.


Cammie is the second of five siblings. Her family lives in the Papuan Highlands. She feels called to work with children who need healing as a result of abuse.


Ellen comes from Borneo. She joined TfN in order to challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone and follow God. She dreams of opening a reading center for children.


Maggie was born in Kumbang, Lesser Sunda Islands. She joined TfN as a means of helping her family. She feels called to open a school for children in a small village.


Natasha was born in Borneo. Natasha is troubled with how conventional teachers don't use creativity in their lessons. She wants to be a creative, inspiring teacher.


Neil comes from Sumatera. He is a refugee from volcanic eruption. Neil believes that TfN will help him to become a leader full of Godly wisdom.


Susan comes from the Island of Promise, Lesser Sunda Islands. She is the third child in the family, and has three sisters. Susan dreams of opening a school to help children in her village.


Vania is the first of four siblings. Growing up on the Island of Promise, she felt forgotten because there were no teachers or school in her village. She now feels called to help children in her village. 


Wanti has six siblings who live on the Island of Promise. Growing up, she was aware that half of her classmates couldn't read. She wants to initiate a literacy program for children.

How TransformNation Sponsorship Works

The TransformNation program thrives on a sponsorship model where each TfN trainee is linked to an individual or organization that is committed to support them financially, prayerfully, and through letter writing. The annual scholarship for each TfN trainee is $2,400 USD / $3,000 CAD. This covers recruitment, training, tuition, living costs, and all necessary educational materials.

Monthly sponsors, who give $50 or more, are encouraged to take the opportunity to correspond with their assigned trainee(s) through letter writing twice per year. Although this is not mandatory, we know that it serves as a great encouragement to the trainees and contributes to their overall success in the program.

If you wish to sponsor one of the above trainees, please indicate their name in the “Dedication” field on the donation from below.

Visit TfN Alumni Initiatives

Let's see how TfN alumni are impacting children in remote villages:

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“TransformNation, our teacher training program, offers a transformative model of Christian education that is based on Christian discipleship. Graduates are trained not only to be great teachers, but to become seasoned leaders, equipped to impact entire communities in multiple ways. The program is practical, relevant, built on practice and experience, and boldly announces hope in Jesus.”
– Paul Richardson, MSI International Director.