A Flood of Hope

by | Apr 11, 2021

“Although floods and storms have severely damaged many areas of the Southeastern Archipelago, hope arises within the stricken communities.”


Mustard Seed teachers, hand in hand with our students’ parents, set up a volunteer post and an emergency kitchen in our hub school. So far thousands of food packages have been cooked and distributed to camps for displaced people (watch their video below).

As several bridges have collapsed, they struggle with a limited supply of gasoline. “We are hopeful that, as the sun arises, firewood will be dryer and easier to burn for fuelling the stoves,” said Wilson, MSI site leader.

The Island of Promise (where Mustard Seed’s hub school is located) has recorded more than 7000 refugees who have lost their homes.

Several male teachers focused their energy on helping clean public facilities and homes. The heavy flooding has left homes with 10-15 cm of mud, and clean water is now almost impossible to find.

We thank you for your prayers and gifts for this community. Please continue to support and follow their stories here: