“Mr. Sani is the leader of the Mustard Seed children’s home we visited. God led him out of animistic darkness into the light of the Gospel when he was a boy. When we shared in a circle onSani _ Elka _ familyC the first night, he was nearly the last person to give his name and share his goals. We’d heard pilot, policeman, doctor, pharmacist, teacher and others from the kids; what would their leader say?

“To bless as many people as possible with the love of Christ, reaching them with the Gospel”

Fifteen years ago Pastor Sani brought five children from his home village to live with him and his wife, Elka, in a city where the children could go to school. Sani and Elka are uniquely gifted to disciple these children because of their knowledge of the world view of the village tribes and their language. They also have a solid foundation in Scripture and mentoring.

Currently 25 children live with them at Slippery Rock Children's Home and another group of children and youth regularly come from the neighboring area to eat, socialize and join in activities. A group of North American supporters care for these children’s daily and school related needs.


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Pastor Sani’s Report

“We are grateful to the Lord for the partnership and support we have through Mustard Seed, so that we can keep going during difficult times like these. In the midst of this, the Lord provides comfort to us as we minister to individuals and also to a growing congregation. We now have a new church in a village 60km from here with 18 households. We also have another ministry 134 km away with eight people who have all come out of animistic backgrounds. These distances are hard to traverse.

Our newest challenge this month is regarding government permission to open and operate a church. The government held a meeting inviting all existing churches and informed us that all churches require certain permissions to operate. However the process is long and arduous for many reasons. Please pray for this.”