Who We Are

We are Mustard Seed.
We plant seeds of change in the lives of Indonesian children.

Why Indonesia?

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How We Do It

We believe that the most effective way to reach out to children, set them free from poverty, and share the knowledge of God is through great teachers. Mustard Seed International is connecting isolated communities with the education that every child deserves. We do this by training indigenous youth to become quality educators with the capacity to change the future of Indonesia.

Mustard Seed International empowers the next generation and establishes thriving communities through a holistic model of transformative Christian Education.


We plant seeds of hope in the hearts of children because we believe that life-giving education can change the future of Southeast Asia.


We love because God first loved us. It is this love that compels us to go into remote areas to start schools, care for orphans and serve those in need.


We believe in the importance of local leadership; therefore, we train and equip indigenous youth with the necessary tools to help their society flourish.

Leader's Messages

Find encouragement from the messages written by our leaders:
A Journey to the West

A Journey to the West

By Teacher EllyTransfomNation (TfN) Director I visited the most western part of Indonesia where an MSI partner school is located.I met with six TfN...

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Leading with Love

Leading with Love

By Mrs. Wilson,Principal on the Island of Promise I was challenged a few weeks ago by Paul Richardson’s question, “How are you leading today?” One...

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Helping Children to Live Again

Helping Children to Live Again

A New Year Message by Paul Richardson I remember where I was sitting when I first watched a report of a “corona virus.” Little did I know that for...

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A Call to Excellence: Our Journey

1952-1983: Lillian Dickson's Footprint

In 1952, Mrs. Lillian Dickson opened and dedicated a Vocational Training Institute and a chapel in Taiwan. These were additions to Mustard Seed’s existing Rescue Home for boys. “People will be our kind of work,” she explained. As she watched the beaming children march from the Vocational Building to the Chapel, she reflected: “This is the pathway of Hope”.

In 1971, at the age of 70, Lillian expanded the work of Mustard Seed to Indonesia. Since then, Mustard Seed has expanded to other areas of Southeast Asia and continues to focus on building education programs. in 1983 Lillian passed away, but her legacy and work continued to grow.

2002-2011: The Development of A Model Christian School

In 2002 a model Christian school for Indonesian children was developed, which would later serve as MSI’s Lab School. By 2011, The Lab School grew to exceed 800 students.

2011-2012 Development of Teacher Training Program

Training indigenous youth to become teachers was the most effective way to educate children, especially in remote areas, and so in 2011, the TransformNation (TfN) Teacher-Training Program was born.

In 2018, The Elevate Teacher-Training Program was developed to equip village teachers with an intensive
3-month course. Our Agricultural Training Center, known as Victory Place, opened to help train village teachers in self-sufficiency and agribusiness.

2021 - Now: Expanding Influence Across the Nation

In 2021, MSI’s Lab School was acknowledged by the Indonesian Department of Education as one of the three most influential schools in the country. The lab School is working with the Department of Education to design the curriculum for government schools across the nation.

In the same year, TfN graduates are pioneering Christian schools in the most remote villages of Indonesia.

Today, lives and communities continue to be transformed through life-giving Christian education.

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