April 2019 Prayer Calendar

by | Apr 1, 2019

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Prayer Fellowship

April 2019

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

Monday April 1: Joshua 6 Praise God! Our TransformNation (TfN) graduates Lydia & Tirta, who ran to the mountains for safety during village wars, have safely returned to their village.

02: Joshua 7 Thank God that Lydia & Tirta continue their field placement, educating village children & introducing them to the God’s love.

03-04: Joshua 8 Pray for sustained growth on the Island of Promise as we have expanded from 1 to 8 kindergartens.

05-06: Joshua 9 Pray for TfN students who gather voluntarily for a Bible study on Saturday mornings, led by a staff member.  Pray for God to speak clearly through her as she teaches, & for the students to grow in their love for Scripture.

Sunday 07: John 12.1-11 Thank God for donors who faithfully support Mustard Seed, even during their lack. May God bless them.

08-09: Isaiah 49 Thank God for the MSI board. Their faithful stewardship of what God has entrusted them with is truly inspiring.

10: Isaiah 50 Pray for our MSI administrator, Erin, as she celebrates her birthday today. May God continually bless her!

11-12: Isaiah 51 Pray for field workers’ needs. May they be met supernaturally by the Lord.

13: Philippians 2.1-11 Thank God that 70 third grade students, 16 parents & teachers learned to grow organic vegetables, feed livestock & harvest corn on the farm at Victory Place!

Sunday 14: Luke 19.28-48 Pray for news of good results as Slippery Rock students participated in competitions; computer science, poetry, & athletics.

15: Luke 22.1-13 Our founder Lillian Dickson’s stories live on! Wilson had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend who was influence by Lillian. Thank God for her legacy.

16: Isaiah 52.1-12 27 high school graduates from the poorest parts of Indonesia attend two-month training at CNA. Pray as they return home to open kindergartens in their remote villages.

17: Isaiah 52.13-53.12 Pray for the children at Slippery Rock. May they continue to grow in good habits of discipline.

18: Luke 22.14-30 Pray for two children having trouble at Slippery Rock. They have been influenced to smoke, steal & rebel against teachers. May God invade their hearts.

19: Luke 23.26-56 May we be filled with gratitude & reverence today, as we remember the greatest sacrifice made for all of humanity.

20: Matthew 27.45-66 Thank God, for amidst every trial we face, there is hope in Jesus.

Sunday 21: Luke 24.1-12 Happy Easter! He is risen! May our lives be worthy of His sacrifice.

22: Isaiah 25.1-9 Give thanks for the CNA model school that is under construction on the Island of Promise. Pray it’s ready for the next school year.

23: Isaiah 26.1-19 Pray for Slippery Rock as they begin to build a gate around the children’s home, kindergarten & church building. This is for safety purposes. May God help them with this task.

24: Zechariah 8 Thank God for the children at Slippery Rock as they fully engage in the church ministry. They serve in the areas of music, tambourine dance & lead worship in small groups. Many also enjoy going out into remote villages to serve in the ministry.

25: Mark 16.9-20 Pray with Mustard Seed workers desire to rest in His love & grace, grow in the disciplines of prayer & reading the word.

26-27: Psalm 118 Pray for a retired woman from the States who has given several years to service in SE Asia.  She is celebrating her birthday today, & seeking God for wisdom about what's next; she has more to give & is willing to continue serving overseas but needs to know clearly what it would look like, since some changes would be necessary.

Sunday 28: John 20.19-31 Pray for safety in the annual Charis Run taking place today.

29: Psalm 68.1-20 Give thanks for financial support for the teacher-training program. The demand for Christian teachers is great!

30: Psalm 78.52-72 Pray that God’s love would be amongst our TfN students. May they love each other as Christ loves the Church.

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