Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship April 2022

by | Mar 31, 2022

APRIL 1 / MARK 14:1-11
Give thanks that the following prayers from Mustard Seed’s frontline workers are straight from their hearts; hearts aligned with God’s heart.

APRIL 2 – 3 / PHILIPPIANS 3:1-16
Pray for ongoing strength and wisdom for the work of preparing future teachers to be disciple-makers.

APRIL 4 / JOHN 12: 1-26
Praise God for Mustard Seed’s opportunity to help redesign the Indonesian Board of Education’s elementary school curriculum.

APRIL 5 / ISAIAH 49:1-13
Best wishes to Lydia (TfN alumni) and her husband, with prayers for them, as they settle into their teaching careers in Papua.

APRIL 6 / ISAIAH 49:14-26
Congratulations to TransformNation (TfN) intern, Jonathan, and local teacher, Ann, who have recently married. Pray with them for their desire to join a school on another island this July after Jonathan graduates.

Class F – Rhoda, Mabo, Erto, Hetra, Chula, Annette, Kari, Yelsh, Aflen, Astina, Jane, Rita, Jackie and Isaiah – ask for your prayers as they prepare for their internship placements.

Pray for Lloyd and the TfN recruitment team to have wisdom and discernment in their selection of candidates to enter the TfN program this July.

APRIL 9 – 10 / LUKE 19:28-48
Pray for the TfN staff who are helping Class F prepare for the transition and potential challenges of joining a school team on another island.

APRIL 11 / LUKE 22:1-23
Lloyd and Grace are grateful that their children are happy to be back in Indonesia after an extended time on furlough. Praise God for their commitment.

APRIL 12 / LUKE 22:24-46
Praise God for the opportunities He has placed before Grace to get to know local people and for her readiness to pray with them.

APRIL 13 / LUKE 22:47-71
Praise God for spiritual breakthroughs. One student destroyed the amulet that he’d been keeping as protection from evil spirits. God has called him to walk in His light.

APRIL 14 / LUKE 23:1-25
This student’s protection is now with Jesus, and he wrestles with how to tell his parents that his allegiance now lies with Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and this boy’s courage to break generational strongholds.

APRIL 15 / LUKE 23:26-49
Sit quietly with Jesus today remembering His great sacrifice that sets us free and demonstrates the Father’s love for us.

APRIL 16-17 / LUKE 23:50-24:35
Our Savior has risen! Alleluia! Pray for the message of the empty tomb to spread rapidly.

APRIL 18 / PSALM 118:1-14
Jesus is our Defender. He’s on our side. He loves and provides for us. Praise Him!

APRIL 19 / PSALM 118:15-29
M Youth Centre (MYC) asked nine TfN teacher-trainees to form a committee to prepare small group Bible studies at three local high schools. Give thanks for this partnership.

APRIL 20 / ISAIAH 52:13-53:12
MYC shares that over sixty students attended each time they ran Bible studies. Praise God for His provisions!

APRIL 21 / ACTS 5:17-42
Praise God for the joy TfN trainees experienced during leading the MYC Bible studies!
He’s the real joy Giver.

Pray for MYC and TfN trainees to get to know the high school students better and to guide them in the Lord. Praise God for such opportunities.

APRIL 23-24 / ISAIAH 26:1-19 & JOHN 20:19-31
Give thanks for First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood’s invitation to the Richardsons this weekend to share how God is leading the work of Mustard Seed.

APRIL 25 / MARK 16:9-20
Pray for our teachers to model love and to bring out the full potential in each child.

Praise God for Jules and Kiara’s commitment to leading the TfN Bible study. They have hosted the study for 45 weeks each year for the last four years and are still going strong.

APRIL 27 / GALATIANS 1:11-24
Praise God for the long-term commitment TfN trainees have made to attend Jules and Kiara’s Bible study on the Book of Acts.

APRIL 28 / ACTS 22:1-16
Ask God to show the TfN trainees how the Gospel has the power to transform how they see people who have done tremendous wrongs to them.

APRIL 29 / ACTS 22:17-30
Pray that the trainees’ hearts will grow in prayer for people with addictions and harmful traditions.

APRIL 30-MAY 1 / JOHN 14:1-14
Ask God to fill each student dormitory with love, light, and peace so that dorm life can be positive and healthy.

*Code names are used to provide privacy

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.