Expanding Influence Across the Nation

by | Apr 16, 2022

MSI’s Lab School Teams Up with The Indonesian Ministry of Education
to Develop the National Curriculum


At the close of 2019, the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture coined the “Freedom to Learn” Movement in order to challenge and transform the rigidity of the nation’s educational system in hopes that learning would become free-flowing and tailored to the needs of each student. Freedom to Learn gives schools and teachers the right and responsibility to create a learning environment without pressure or limitations, with the expectation that students will develop good creative thinking and learn to innovate.

MSI’s Lab School in Java was chosen by the Ministry of Education and Culture as one of four schools in the pilot project to help validate the curriculum. This June, the approved curriculum will be implemented in schools throughout the provinces of Indonesia.

“It’s an honor that they trusted us to help develop the curriculum,” said Sosamma, the Lab School principal who led the project. “It’s a big responsibility. But since our schools have been practicing this learning style with our students, we were able to share our experiences and input.”

“Kids really love this kind of learning style,” said Diang, an elementary teacher. “When they learn about a topic and receive tasks, they are free to choose which medium they want to use to present their own projects. They observe the information, analyze the problem, and discuss the solutions. Without realizing it, they are learning about character building, creative thinking, teamwork, and problem solving.”

This is what Anabelle did with her water filter project for her science class. “I see that many people in remote villages don’t have access to clean water. With this simple water filter, we can help them to get cleaner water,” she said. “This simple thing is big for our daily life!”

“We focus on our students and their learning process. So it’s not about us, but about them. It’s priceless to see the expression of satisfaction on their faces, when they succeed in solving the problem through their project,” Diang said.

Sosamma, who also works with the Elevate and TransformNation teacher training programs, said, “It’s critical to encourage our teachers to have courage in trying different approaches and to give room for failure so children won’t be afraid to innovate. Our focus has been creating a safe place for children to be the best version of who God has created them to be.”

MSI’s International Director and founder of our Lab School, Paul Richardson, has been pleased with the school’s expanding influence across the nation. Paul said, “20 years ago when this school was started with half a dozen young teachers, a mustard seed of faith and some big dreams, we could not have imagined all the miracles that God was going to provide. Mustard Seed donors and prayer warriors were an essential part of His great plan.”