Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship April 2024

by | Apr 1, 2024

APRIL 01 / ISAIAH 25:1-9
Praise the Lord that we can say with confidence, death has lost its sting. We praise You, God, for You are making all things new. Happy Easter!

APRIL 02 / PSALMS 133-134
May the Holy Spirit bestow divine wisdom and strength upon the leadership of MSI’s field team to nurture and uplift every precious child in their care.

APRIL 03 / PSALM 135
Please pray for the hundreds of teachers in Indonesia who are caring for children. Ask Jesus to give them wisdom, strength, and joy as they teach.

APRIL 04 / PSALM 136
We pray for ongoing blessings from God upon the families of MSI’s donors and supporters. May they find refuge and strength in Him, trusting in His unwavering care and protection.

APRIL 05 / JOHN 20:1-18
Please pray for the continued recovery of teachers injured and traumatized in a bus accident. May they find strength and healing in abundance.

APRIL 06-07 / JOHN 20:19-31
Mark (TfN alumnus) is suffering from nightmares resulting from the bus accident. Please pray for peace and rest.

APRIL 08 / ACTS 3:12-26
Antonio (TfN trainee) desires increased passion and drive in his journey of faith in Christ.

APRIL 09 / ACTS 4:1-22
Nina (TfN trainee) stands at a crossroads, praying to stand strong in her faith in the face of adversity.

APRIL 10 / ACTS 4:23-36
Please pray for Diego (TfN trainee) to serve with strong faith, relying on God in every responsibility.

APRIL 11 / 1 JOHN 2:3-17
Pray for divine providence for male volunteers to serve teens through M Youth Center.

APRIL 12 / 1 JOHN 2:18-3:6
Jonathan (TfN alumnus), in anticipation, prays for the Lord’s guidance and clarity as he steps into his new role with the Ladybug Youth Development Center.

APRIL 13-14 / PSALMS 3-4
Please pray for Sani and Elka (MSI site leaders) to have wisdom and patience in caring for the children entrusted to them, many of whom have backgrounds of abuse and trauma.

Juanita (TfN trainee) aspires to share the love of God with those hungry for hope around her.

APRIL 16 / EZEKIEL 34:1-10
Please pray for Joseph (TfN trainee) who, amidst trials, seeks wisdom to glean gratitude from life’s toughest lessons.

APRIL 17 / EZEKIEL 34:11-31
Amy (TfN trainee) is praying for her family to commit to seeking a deeper connection with God.

Please pray for Hannah (TfN trainee) to remain faithful in fulfilling her TfN commitments.

APRIL 19 / ISAIAH 49:1-13
Please pray for the need of a school bus for 53 children living at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home to reduce transportation costs.

APRIL 20-21 / 1 JOHN 3:7-24
Please pray for Roman (TfN trainee) as he prepares for his internship.

APRIL 22 / ACTS 8:26-40
Please pray for Tori (TfN trainee) to remain faithful in small matters.

APRIL 23 / ISAIAH 52:1-12
William (TfN trainee) is thirsting for knowledge and longs for more wisdom and understanding through his studies.

APRIL 24 / ISAIAH 52:13-53:12
Let’s pray together for Fanny (TfN trainee) to have days filled with hope and love for others.

APRIL 25 / MARK 16:9-20
Please pray for Josie (TfN trainee) for boundless joy and a spirit of gratitude to fill her days.

APRIL 26 / 1 JOHN 4:1-16A
Anika (TfN trainee) is praying for a humble heart and pleads for grace to honor and cherish those who walk alongside her.

APRIL 27-28 / JOHN 15:1-17
Please pray for Andrew (TfN trainee) as he learns to anchor his faith and trust the Lord.

APRIL 29 / 1 JOHN 5:6-21
Please pray for Daisy (TfN trainee), amidst her academic journey, as she seeks to prioritize the Lord and embrace gratitude in every learning opportunity.

Please pray for Wanda (TfN trainee) to have courage and persevere through every challenge.


TfN = TransformNation Teacher-Training Program

Code names are used to provide privacy.
Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.