Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – August 2014

Please help us by praying for us.
Then many will give thanks
for the blessing we receive
in answer to all these prayers.

2 Corinthians 1:11


Thank you for your prayers.

They mean everything to us.

God is leading the way for a two day soccer clinic for coaches and students combined with worship workshops in the jungle of Borneo. This news is exciting teenagers from the whole region. Worship teams and local leaders are coming forward to make an impact.

Event leader, Lari, said, This event is definitely bigger than all of us. If God isn’t behind it, it won’t happen. Our greatest need is prayer and finances.”

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In this months prayer fellowship we have included:

  • Give thanks for our new teachers
  • Give thanks with our expatriate leaders
  • Give thanks for the response of our students.

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August 1 Psalm 17.1-15 Give thanks for Christian schools who partner with Mustard Seed’s Southeast Asian schools.

Aug. 2 Matthew 14.13-21 Give thanks for the many people who support Mustard Seed in prayer and financially.

Sunday, Aug. 3 Romans 9:1-18 Give thanks for the Sendi's and their family of 70 children at the children’s home on Bali. Pray for energy and patience as they continue the after-school program caring for children in the neighborhood.

Aug. 4-5 Romans 9.19-10.21 Thenew school year has started. Thank God for each of the 2000+ children enrolled in MSI sponsored schools and for their character development and desire to learn.

Aug. 6 Deuteronomy 34.1-12 Some children have traveled far to attend school and must live in a dormitory. Ask God to give them a new friend to help alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

Aug. 7 Genesis 37.1-20 Dian, Lestari, and Indah will soon be starting their first year teaching. Give thanks for the leadership training they’ve experienced to teach students older than themselves.

Aug. 8 Genesis 37.21-36 Xavier second year teaching assignment is 2,000 km east of his first year location. And the students are much older. Praise God for preparing Xavier’s heart for this move. He is truly excited.

Aug. 9 Genesis 39.1-23 Indah will be teaching at SNA where Xavier taught last year. Pray for the relationships she’ll develop with her students.

Sunday, Aug. 10 Matthew 14.22-36 Paul Richardson has a team of expatriates. Each one raises their own support and has hundred’s of people supporting and praying for them. Bless them with your prayers. (See below Aug. 11-15)

Aug. 11 Matthew 15.1-20 Join Wren & Angie as they pray for sound sleeping for themselves and their two young children.

Aug. 12 Matthew 15.21-39 Give thanks with Lari & May for the unity that comes from the devotional time spent with the expatriate team.

Aug. 13 Genesis 41.1-16 The S-family is celebrating the start of their second year with MSI. Praise God for his leading and strengthening over the past year.

Aug. 14 Genesis 41.17-41 Pray for Lloyd & Grace as they persevere with language lessons and grow accustom to Asian culture. Give thanks for the encouragement they receive.

Aug. 15 Galatians 4.1-20 Linda immersed herself in early childhood education this year by co-teaching six preschool and kindergarten music classes a week with teacher Addie, a gifted musician and music teacher. Praise God!

Aug. 16 Genesis 45.1-20 Wilson is the dorm Mom to the girl’s in TransformNation. Thank God for the love and patience He’s poured into her heart for these girls.

Sunday, Aug. 17 Romans 11.1-12 Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Pray with your brothers and sisters around the world.

Aug. 18-20 Romans 11.13-12:8 Praise God for the recent developments at S-village. The school children have accepted Jesus into their hearts as have three adults. And the village elders have donated land to build a school.

Aug. 21 Psalm 124.1-8 Give thanks for Olivia’s fundraising efforts through lemonade and home made cookies that purchased Bibles delivered by Lari & May to the children in S-Village.

Aug. 22 Exodus 1.1-22 Praise God for Vita’s return visit and discovery that the children are now reading and writing the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Praise God for the good work being carried on by teacher Novi.

Aug. 23 Exodus 2.1-25 Hold up in prayer the work of the Holy Spirit in the villages neighboring S-village.

Sunday, Aug. 24 John 1.43-51 Pray for an awakening of the Holy Spirit that lives in us.

Aug. 25 Romans 12.9-21 Give thanks for churches in North America who make a mission trip to Mustard Seed sites. They bring a wealth of fun, love and know-how.

Aug. 26-28 Exodus 3.1-4:31 Mustard Seed students at CNA experience a mission trip in every grade. The grade 9’s went to a village where there are several believers. They focused on the Junior high school first cleaning the upper hall, then leading in worship, and teaching lessons. The village students were fully engaged with all our 9th graders offered. Praise God.

Aug. 29 Matthew 14.1-12 Pay for the grade 9 students understanding of serving God in every day ways using the creative abilities His has given each one.

Aug. 30 Matthew 16.21-28 During the evening, the grade 9 students prepared a worship service for the village. While the villagers did not attend the service, pray for the seeds that were planted, and that the church leaders were encouraged by our young people.

Sunday, Aug. 31 Ecclesiastes 1.1-18 Young people have heart and spirit to lead in worship. Praise God for presenting opportunities for young people to lead for His Glory.