August 2018 Prayer Calendar

by | Aug 1, 2018

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Prayer Fellowship

August  2018

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable.

Isaiah 40:28 NKJV

Wednesday August 01: John 6.22-40 Praise God for the recent TfN graduation. Pray that God would guide the graduates in their placement to be his light.

02-03: Esther 1-2 Praise God for a new TfN class of 15 students that arrived last month. May God help them adjust to their new surroundings & be brave through all circumstances. Pray that God would help them cultivate a growing relationship with Him.

04 Sunday 05: Esther 3-4 Pray for the means to provide scholarships for the 15 new first-year TfN students.

06-08: 2 Peter 1-3 Pray that the existing TfN classes are good examples for their new, younger classmates, in accordance with God's Word.

09: 2 Samuel 18.1-18 Pray for Mark & Erin, recent TfN graduates, as they prepare to teach the new incoming classes of kindergarteners on the Island of Promise.

10: 2 Samuel 18.19-19.8 Pray for Jordan & Constance, recent TfN graduates, as they assists in helping the kindergarten classes on the Island of Promise, as well as with new programs.

11: Isaiah 54.1-17 Pray for Alicia and Leland, recent TfN graduates, who are awaiting placement at this time. May God give them peace about what is yet to come.

Sunday 12: John 6.41-59 Pray for Jonathan, a recent TfN graduate, who is receiving extensive training about sustainable farming & energy at Victory Place. He will be initiating farming projects in remote villages helping parents develop the means to pay for their children’s education.

13: Esther 5 Today marks three months since the suicide bombing attacks on three Indonesian churches. Pray for the families of those who have passed away, for the churches to be strengthened in love & faith, & for God to move in the hearts of the extremists.

14: Esther 6-7 Pray for the children at CEC. They are hard on themselves & think negatively. May the teachers be influential in creating a positive environment to build them up.

15: Galatians 4.1-20 Pray for the children’s safety at CEC. They are looking for a new place to rent, as the one they have is leaking & not very sturdy.

16: Ephesians 5.1-21 Pray for the parents of the children at CEC, the goal is to start mentoring them through seminars & training opportunities.

17: 1 Kings 1.1-21 Ask God for guidance as we look to build a new CEC branch in an  economically poorer area to assist children in need.

18: 1 Kings 1.22-42 Praise God for our team on the field. They work tirelessly to ensure the children are cared for & looked after.

Sunday 19: 1 Kings 1.43-2.12 Pray for wisdom as our team on the field look to create reading centers for the children they serve.

20: 1 Kings 3.1-15 Praise God for the opportunities he has given M Youth Centre. They are being trusted with children dealing with neglect, abuse & harassment. Pray that the leaders can be a comforting family to them.

21: 1 Kings 8.1-21 Thank God that hundreds of children from nine high schools are being impacted by attending the weekly ministry led by M Youth Centre.

22: Psalm 84 Pray for Blessing Preschool as they relocate to a new building. It is only 500 meters away but the process has kept them very busy.

23: Ephesians 6.10-24 Mustard Seed’s overseas leader is having a birthday today. Pray God’s blessings on him.

24: Luke 22.14-30 Thank God for TfN teachers Harta & Paul who are serving in S’Village. They advance the work at school & church.

25: John 6.60-7.9 Pray that Harta & Paul will have strength to endure their stay in S’Village.

Sunday 26: John 7.10-31 Children in S’Village are unable to travel to school when there is heavy flooding. Pray for the opportunity to expand the school in their village so the older children wouldn’t have to miss school.

27: Esther 8 Remember widow Ruthie & thank God for her children who are sustained by their faith. Her baby Paul is in grade 5 already & her eldest is in college.

28: Esther 9.1-19 Pray that those who want to be leaders will learn to serve others.

29: Mark 6.14-29 Praise God for his protection for all the children at CN Academy & CEC.

30-31: James 1 Praise God for he has set Arti free from cancer. She received the good news after coming out of her second surgery.

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