August 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Jul 31, 2020

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

August 2020


“Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.
Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.”

James 5:13

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AUGUST 1-2 / GENESIS 31:43 – 32:12 We pray for a member of the MSI Board, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, as he celebrates his 79th birthday. We pray for a miracle of full recovery in Jesus’ name! May God give him strength and hope.

AUGUST 3 / PSALM 85:1-13 We praise God that amidst the challenges of Covid-19, Christians around the world continue to spread love.

AUGUST 4 / ROMANS 10:1-21 May God guide the new TransformNation (TfN) graduates as they prepare their hearts, minds, and logistics to serve children in village schools.

AUGUST 5 / MATTHEW 14:13-33 We pray for all Mustard Seed supporters in North America who have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and social/political turmoil. May they encounter God’s peace and provision, while putting their hope in Him alone.

AUGUST 6 / DANIEL 7:1-14 Please pray for the 6 month old granddaughter of an MSI supporter who was diagnosed with cancer. May she be cancer-free in Jesus’ name!

AUGUST 7 / DANIEL 7:15-28 We are grateful to God for His amazing power and work in our lives, where He is able to bring hope through even the toughest of times.

AUGUST 8-9 / 1 KINGS 19:1-21 Praise God for the nine TfN students who graduated in July! We bless all of the donors and supporters who have been faithfully supporting them.

AUGUST 10 / PSALM 105:23-45 Please pray that the changes in TfN leadership would be smooth and that they would be unified and support each other in the transition of duties.

AUGUST 11 / ISAIAH 56:1-12 We thank God for Dean’s leadership as the Director of TfN which has come to an end as he transitions into a new role training teachers and ministering to children on Rusen Island soon.

AUGUST 12 / ROMANS 11:1-18 We thank God for Elly who has been appointed as the new Director of TfN. May God give her wisdom and courage to lead.

AUGUST 13 / ROMANS 11:19-36 It’s been a month since our schools welcomed new students. We pray that those who are still involved in online learning will be able to develop a good relationship with their teachers.

AUGUST 14 / MATTHEW 14:34 – 15:20 We pray for Daniel, an MSI site leader who’s been appointed to lead a government task force in tackling the impact of Covid-19. May God protect him with health and send people who support his work.

AUGUST 15-16 / EZEKIEL 44:1-9 Please pray for extra protection for all of our site leaders, workers, children, students, and teachers so that none of them will catch any virus or illness. May God provide everything they need to keep them healthy.

AUGUST 17 / PSALM 124:1 – 125:5 Today is Indonesia’s Independence Day. We pray that God will raise up Godly leaders who obey and honor Him, leading the people with justice and compassion. We ask God to send more workers into the harvest during this challenging time.

AUGUST 18 / PSALM 138:1-8 We pray for Dumadi, our site leader who just recovered from typhoid infection. May he regain full strength and continue to bless his community.

AUGUST 19 / ISAIAH 51:1-11 We praise God that Victory Place has become a channel of blessing by providing vegetable seedlings to low income families who lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 crisis.

AUGUST 20 / ISAIAH 51:12-23 May God bless all programs initiated by Victory Place to help schools and families thrive and be well fed.

AUGUST 21 / EXODUS 1:8-2:10 May God bless Victory Place’s fundraising efforts to grow 20,000 more vegetable seedlings. We pray that the 600 families who are being trained in gardening can maximize their gardens for food production.

AUGUST 22-23 / EXODUS 2:11-25 We bring our International Director before the Lord today as he celebrates his birthday this weekend. May God help him to always put on the whole armor of God and lead his team with courage. May he experience and recognize the faithfulness of the Lord.

AUGUST 24 / LUKE 22:24-30 Thank You Lord, that You are faithful. We pray that You will strengthen and protect the spouses, children, and families of all MSI’s leaders and frontline workers.

AUGUST 25 / EXODUS 3:1-17 We thank God that our lab school can share their experiences and train other schools and teachers to apply their new distance learning system. May they continue to excel and successfully model an education system with divine values.

AUGUST 26 / JEREMIAH 15:1-9 Please pray for national schools that are being assisted by our lab school. May they be able to implement everything that has been taught so their students and teachers will be transformed.

AUGUST 27 / JEREMIAH 15:10-21 We praise God that the Bible study for our TfN students continued for several months throughout the pandemic and they have seen a great commitment from several trainees.

AUGUST 28 / ROMANS 12:9-21 We thank God that the curriculum of “I Love Reading”, based on the book of Genesis, has been completed. May God bless Kiera and Jules who initiated this project.

AUGUST 29-30 / MATTHEW 14:1-12 We give thanks to MSI’s faithful donors and supporters. May God keep them close in this challenging time, provide everything they need, and continue to bless them.

AUGUST 31 / PSALM 26:1-12 We pray that the new TfN Bible study classes would be able to start and the trainees would grasp the principles quickly & easily.

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