Graduation of Students in Spice Island

by | Jul 27, 2020

Graduation of Students in Spice Island

What would teachers do when they want to motivate and reward their students, but don’t have a school budget to do it. Would this obstacle make them give up on the idea? Not so with the teachers of Mustard Seed’s kindergarten on Spice Island.


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the initial plan to join graduation exercises held by the City’s Board of Education was cancelled. So, the students, who graduated from the kindergarten this year, were left without any celebration. “This is a very important stage for them,” said Siela, the school’s principal. “These children have worked really hard, especially during this pandemic crisis. We want them to feel special and rewarded.” As a teacher, Siela is aware that moments of success and accomplishment are really important to celebrate, as these moments will motivate them to pursue the next level of learning. “When a child’s hard work is appreciated, she/he will repeat the process, and produce a good habit out of it,” said Siela.

Based on that belief, Mustard Seed’s teachers and parents at Spice Island worked together to plan their own celebration. They put up simple decorations, wore traditional outfits, and served a special meal to the graduates.

Thank you, teachers! From you we learn that we don’t let what we can’t do stopping us from doing what we can do!