Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship August 2022

by | Jul 30, 2022

AUGUST 1 / ISAIAH 1:1-14
Praise God for everyone who participated in the Go the Distance Challenge with the children on the Island of Promise. Funds were raised so more children can go to school.

AUGUST 2 / ISAIAH 1:15-31
Pray for the new graduate teachers from the Elevate program. May they be resourceful and resilient as they open village schools.

The hub school on the Island of Promise continues to build second floor classrooms. Pray for steady progress and for the teachers as they teach their students and mentor village teachers.

AUGUST 4 / LUKE 12:22-34
Elevate could have its own school next to the hub school on the Island of Promise. Pray for God’s will to be done in this development.

AUGUST 5 / LUKE 12:34-48
News about TransformNation is spreading, resulting in applications from additional islands. Praise God!

AUGUST 6-7 / DANIEL 7:1-14
The recruitment process for TransformNation’s (TfN) Class J is complete and thirteen first year students have been accepted. Praise God!

AUGUST 8 / DANIEL 7:15-28
Join Blessing Preschool in thanksgiving as the teachers and children continue to learn both online and in person during the pandemic.

Praise God for the safe arrival of Teacher Esther’s second daughter.

AUGUST 10 / JEREMIAH 23:9-22
Pray for teachers, Grace & Dina, who will teach full-time this year at Blessing Preschool.

AUGUST 11 / JEREMIAH 23:23-40
Pray that a government permit will be granted to Blessing Preschool this year.

AUGUST 12 / LUKE 12:49-59
Pray for TfN students in transition: First year students leaving their families to begin the program; Fifth year students beginning their field placements; Graduates completing the 8-year program.

AUGUST 13-14 / PSALM 81 & 82
Join in CN Academy’s school year theme, “Choose Life.”
…Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him… (Deut 30:19-20).

AUGUST 15 / EZEKIEL 14:1-14
Pray for the development of character with gratitude, humility, faithfulness, wholeness, integrity, resilience, generosity, courage, and wisdom.

AUGUST 16 / EZEKIEL 14:15-23
The government has licensed the kindergarten on Gapanau Island. Thank God for Mark’s leadership within the school and broader community.

Praise God for calling Mark to continue leading the school now that he has graduated from his internship.

AUGUST 18 / HEBREWS 12:3-17
Pray for the new interns Alfeni and Hetra, who will join Mark on Gapanau Island.

AUGUST 19 / HEBREWS 12:18-29
TfN alumnus, Leland, has accepted the opportunity to pioneer an after-school creative center in an area where many children spend most of their day on the street. Give thanks!

AUGUST 20-21 / LUKE 13:10-17
TfN interns, Erto and Meli, will join Leland to teach English, Bible, music, and sports. Pray for their transition.

AUGUST 22 / PROVERBS 25:1-14
Pray for provision for the start up of the creative center. Costs are estimated at $10,000.

AUGUST 23 / PROVERBS 25:15-28
TfN alumni, Jordan and Erin, recently married and have answered God’s call to continue teaching and leading on the Island of Promise. Praise God!

Praise God! Raymond and Alicia will continue teaching with a partner school in Papua.

AUGUST 25 / HEBREWS 13:1-16
Give thanks for TfN alumni, Constance. She’s a great music teacher and has accepted a position at a Mustard Seed site in Papua.

AUGUST 26 / HEBREWS 13:17-25
TfN alumnus, Johnathan and his wife, will continue teaching with a partner school on Nipa Island.

AUGUST 27-28 / PSALM 112
Soccer games bring the whole community together. Pray for the completion of the soccer field at CS.

AUGUST 29 / LUKE 9:1-17
Pray that the trainees’ hearts will grow in prayer for people with addictions and harmful traditions.

Pray for preparations made for the new academic year. May each student find their place in their homeroom.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.