Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship July 2022

by | Jun 30, 2022

Give thanks for the courage of expatriate children and pray with them: Pray for a special girl-friend for me. I don’t have one yet (Bea, Kindergarten).

Pray for help with the Indonesian language at my new school where everyone speaks Indonesian (Eli, Grade 2).

Please pray for me to be diligent at school and be patient with my sister. Pray that my sister can control her anger (Mel, Grade 4).

JULY 5 / LUKE 10:1-20
Praise God for having onsite learning again so I can meet friends. Pray that me and my family can stay healthy (Harmony, Grade 2).

JULY 6 / LUKE 10:21-42
Pray with the children living in Mustard Seed’s Children’s Homes: Pray for our family and pray that we can be successful so that we can make our family happy and proud (Ni Ketut & Ni Kadek, Grade 7).

JULY 7 / LUKE 10:21-42
Lately I feel pain in my lower stomach on the right side; pray that it isn’t appendicitis. Please pray for me. And also pray that I can be successful and be a blessing wherever I am (Cindy, Grade 7).

Please pray for my studies, pray that I can reach my dream to be a doctor (Ni Luh, Grade 7).

JULY 9-10 / PSALM 69:1-18
I often feel pain in my neck, and my grandma is sick now. Please pray that we can be healthy (Komang, Grade 9).

JULY 11 / PSALM 69:19-36
Pray for my family at home and please pray that I can grow up into someone better in the future (Ni Putu, Grade 7).

JULY 12 / COLOSSIANS 1:15-29
Please pray for my health because I feel pain in my stomach. Please pray that I can reach my dream and for my parents so they can stay healthy (Ketut, Grade 7).

JULY 13 / AMOS 8
Please pray for my parents who are sick. And pray that I can be successful in the future (Ni Wayan, Grade 7).

JULY 14 / GENESIS 18:1-15
Pray for me to get along better with my older sister and at school (Jelita, Grade 4).

JULY 15 / PSALM 15
Pray for my family, back home in the mountains, where traditional rituals create fear. Pray for my faith to grow strong so that I can be a blessing to my family (Hihih, Grade 9).

JULY 16-17/ PSALM 86
Pray with the students of Dumadi and Nurse Lena from a high school in remote Borneo: Please pray for my health and pray so I can do my best during my internship placement (Maria, Grade 11).

JULY 18 / GENESIS 18:1-16-33
Pray that I’ll be free of my addiction to computer games so I can focus on my homework(Epan, Grade 7).

Please pray for the economic difficulties that my family faces and pray that I can reach my dream to be a soldier (Debora, Grade 10).

JULY 20 / HOSEA 1:1-2:1
Pray that I can study well, despite the situation in my family where my dad is having an affair. Please pray that I can guard my relationships with others (Freda, Grade 11).

JULY 21 / LUKE 11:1-23
Pray that I can be focused during the national exam so I can go to university (Verani, Grade 12).

JULY 22 / JOHN 20:1-18
TransformNation students and graduates look back and give thanks: Tirta praises God for his high school friends who are ready to serve with him.

JULY 23-24 / ECCLESIASTES 1-2:12
Pray with Tirta for the six assistant teachers traveling from Papua to receive 3 months of teacher training.

JULY 25 / MATTHEW 20:20-28
Give thanks with Classes G, H, and I as they welcome Class J at TransformNation. Please pray for Class J as they settle in and adjust to their new normal.

JULY 26 / PSALM 107:1-22
Pray for the children in Mustard Seed’s care to trust in the Lord in all circumstances.

JULY 27 / LUKE 11:24-36
Ask God to give Mustard Seed teachers and caregivers sensitivity to know the right thing to say to those in trouble.

JULY 28 / LUKE 11:37-54
We pray for all children and their families who are suffering, sick, and displaced because of the wars in Ukraine, Afghanistan, or any other countries. Pray that they will find hope in God, and God would put a hedge of protection and healing around all His children.

JULY 29 / HEBREWS 11:32-12:2
Pray for the many displaced and orphaned children around the world today. UNICEF reported that by September 2021, COVID-19 has taken one or both caregivers from 25,430 children in Indonesia.

JULY 30 / LUKE 12:1-21
Pray that children would walk in obedience to God’s word and glorify His name.

JULY 31-AUGUST 1 / ISAIAH 1:1-14
Tell God your heart’s desire for Mustard Seed’s children. Ask Him to direct you to someone with whom to share your prayer.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.