Catching the Vision

by | Nov 16, 2018

BANG! It exploded.

Teacher Sandy’s God-given vision to start a new school on his home island has just taken off.

This island, the Island of Promise, is one of Indonesia’s poorest, with half the population being children, teachers lack training, classes are ruled with a stick, and learning by rote is all that’s required.  Thousands of children on this island don’t go to school and have never heard of a loving God.

Two years ago, praying and planning began in earnest. Sandy’s heart jumped at the vision. She was going to graduate from Mustard Seed’s teacher-training program in June 2017; a location was chosen for the school and space was rented to house a kindergarten. She was ready.

When we shared this vision with mission minded folks, they caught it! “We’ll provide seed money to get things going, to support Sandy and prepare and equip the classroom,” they said.

Since the opening of a kindergarten for 20 children in July 2017, the good news has been ramping up. With a growing waiting list, the vision was shared, and many responded giving funds to open another two classes. By July 2018 Sandy was joined by new graduate teachers who came prepared to reach out and help teachers in rural villages.

School enrollment reached 65 children. Still, children are waiting.