by Adam

There are currently thirty-three TransformNation students who are courageously preparing to share the Good News with children who do not yet know Jesus. Some of them will not see their family for four years. For them, Christmas Main article pictureBis saturated in tears of sadness and reminds them of the family and lives that they left behind when they came to join the program. Also, many of Mustard Seed’s site leaders have moved away from their extended families to lead schools, orphanages, and youth centers desiring to share the Gospel.  Why have so many of the TransformNation students, site leaders, and overseas cross-cultural workers left the comfort of their families and communities? Within the Christmas story, the answer is found.

Jesus was living in heaven, enjoying communion with the Godhead, but came down to earth, sent by the Father, as a vulnerable infant. He did this because of His love for humanity, to redeem His people and giving hope to the nations.  Although sadness exists, every TransformNation student, site leader, and the cross-cultural worker who has left their family for the sake of Christ, is excited for what the future holds.  Each person, within these groups, understands that the greatest Christmas present they can give is introducing others to Jesus and seeing children with the hope and love of Christ in their eyes.  This thought causes hope to rise amidst the sadness.

This Christmas as your share Christmas with your family, remember that Christmas was God’s plan for saving humanity. Remember the many cross-cultural workers, TransformNation students, and Mustard Seed site leaders at their home sacrificing their lives for the sake of the Gospel.