First Generation of TransformNation Interns Complete the Program

by | Jul 8, 2021 | 2 comments

“All praise be to God that this June the first generation of TransformNation Interns, known as “Class A”, have completed the 8 year program!
Where are they now and what do they have planned next?”


Having excelled in her role as teacher and promoted to principal during her 4 year internship, Kashi was offered a permanent position as principal at Mustard Seed’s partner school in the Papuan Highlands.

Having begun her internship leading the start up of our hub school on the Island of Promise, Siela was entrusted to pioneer a school in the Spice Islands where she will continue to serve as principal.

After spending 4 years teaching in Papua and the Island of Promise, Lydia is engaged to be married and will return with her husband to teach in Papua.

After teaching for 2 years in Borneo, Tirta was promoted to principal in Papua where he completed his internship. He plans to start a school and train local teachers in his village.

Known for his exemplary leadership during his internship assignments in Borneo and Papua, Harta has been granted the privilege of pioneering a new school in his village in the Papuan Highlands.

Persevering through times of unrest in Papua, Paul initiated creative outlets for his students during his internship, proving that they are his first priority! He will continue teaching 6th grade there for the time being and one day hopes to go home and start a school in his village.

Following her 3 year teaching assignments in Papua and the Spice Islands, family circumstances required Eva to return home where she is now working at a local school in her hometown.

After teaching for 2 years in Papua, Nancy completed her internship in Borneo. She married in 2019 and plans to return to her husband’s village in Papua this summer to teach at a local school there.

Upon completion of her internship in Papua and the Spice Islands, Tamara plans to go back to her village.


  1. Jean Wilkinson

    Congratulations to all 9 graduates! Thank you for working hard and staying with the program. May God bless you as you pursue your future plans. Your influence on young lives will affect them all of their lives. Your work is most valuable.
    I'm honoured to have been able to sponsor Kashi in her studies. Well Done Kashi. You are now a principal. I am very proud of you. I know the joy of teaching children as I am a retired teacher of young children.

    • Mustard Seed International

      Thank you for your faithfulness and support for Mustard Seed, especially for Kashi, Jean. She loves you very much! God bless your heart.