Covid-19 Emergency Relief Updates

by | Aug 31, 2020

Covid-19 Emergency Relief Updates

For the past three months, Mustard Seed’s children, teachers, and schools have received God’s kindness and favor from people who support us in North America. Your kindness was felt on so many levels of critical need, especially during this pandemic crisis.

This is how Mustard Seed International's donor contribution bringing changes to those impacted by Covid-19 Crisis in remote villages:

1. Your donation helps students continue their education. Thanks to you, hundreds of students received tuition subsidies to be able to stay in school.

2. Your donation helps village teachers thrive. Thanks to you, village teachers received food and support so they can continue serving children and their communities.

3. Your donation brings food to children’s homes. Thanks to you, children’s homes are able to continue providing food and discipleship in the midst of a food and distribution crisis.

4. Your donation opens access to health care facilities. Thanks to you, children in remote areas receive vitamin C, masks, soap, and sanitizers.

And this is how the Covid-19 emergency relief was distributed to the remote villages Mustard Seed serves:

• For villages located along a riverside, food and health support were loaded on to small boats and then distributed by hand to schools and churches.

• A village in highland Papua butchered boars and distributed the meat to teachers and students (Papuan people keep boars and pigs for extraordinary special occasions such as a wedding dowry or a funeral ceremony).

• A school struggling with water distribution decided to build a water tank system so students would be able to sanitize their hands.

• Working together with a group of women who lost their jobs in the textile industry, face masks were produced and distributed to students and teachers.