September 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Aug 31, 2020

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

September 2020


As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ.

And they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you.

(2 Corinthians 9:13-14 NLT)

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SEPTEMBER 1 / EXODUS 12:1-14 Please pray for Anthony, a former TfN student, who could not continue because of disciplinary issues. May he remain faithful in serving the Lord.

SEPTEMBER 2 / EXODUS 12:15-28 Please pray for our partner school in Papua as they missed several training opportunities due to flight restrictions during this pandemic.

SEPTEMBER 3 / EXODUS 12:29-42 We pray for Victory Place’s agricultural program that is helping a theology campus train their students to be self-sustainable. They have been struggling to feed 200 staff and 800 students who come from cities across Indonesia.

SEPTEMBER 4 / PSALM 149:1 – 150:6 Please pray that Victory Place will be able to train more teachers serving in villages, as they have been struggling during this pandemic.

SEPTEMBER 5-6 / ROMANS 13:1-14 Please pray for Vano, a new TfN graduate, who is assigned to teach kindergarten in the Spice Islands. He asks that God will give him wisdom while adapting to the new environment, especially with the students, fellow teachers, parents, and the village community.

SEPTEMBER 7 / ECCLESIASTES 8:9-16 Praise the Lord that Ary & Betty, our site leaders on the Island of Promise, can extend the rental of their home.

SEPTEMBER 8 / JAMES 5:7-20 We give thanks that two of our TfN interns, Alicia and Rama, will get married this year! May God bless their plan and guide them in all the preparation.

SEPTEMBER 9 / GENESIS 50:1-14 Please pray for Tina, a new TfN graduate, who asks that God will prepare her heart and health to serve children in the River Village.

SEPTEMBER 10 / GENESIS 50:15-26 Praise the Lord that we welcomed several children to Slippery Rock Children’s Home. Since they are still practicing animism, we pray that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts and minds to the truth.

SEPTEMBER 11 / EXODUS 13:1-22 Please ask God to give strength to Slippery Rock’s site leaders, Sani & Elka, so that they can lead children, villagers, and church congregations in these challenging times.

SEPTEMBER 12-13 / EXODUS 14:19 – 15:18 We pray for Daniel, an MSI site leader, who has been appointed as Vice-Chair of a foundation with 8 schools in 4 locations. He asks for strength and wisdom to direct these Christian schools.

SEPTEMBER 14 / JOHN 19:17-30 Thank you Jehovah Jireh, our Provider! You continue to send support for the school’s building development on the Island of Promise.

SEPTEMBER 15 / PHILIPPIANS 1:1-14 We pray that God gives patience and creativity to our leaders and teachers in Papua who need to adjust their plans because of the pandemic.

SEPTEMBER 16 / PHILIPPIANS 1:15-30 May God bless Anton & Sinta, the leaders at CI School. Please pray for guidance as they manage the school’s operational costs and lead their team.

SEPTEMBER 17 / JONAH 3:1 – 4:11 Please pray for wisdom for Jessica & Mabo on how to keep practicing leading Bible studies, and discernment on who they should invite to do the training course this year.

SEPTEMBER 18 / MATTHEW 19:1-15 We pray for teachers and students who still have difficulties in applying the distance learning system.

SEPTEMBER 19-20 / MATTHEW 19:16-30 We lift up Wiwik, a leader at P High School, and pray that she will be able to keep her team motivated in teaching the students.

SEPTEMBER 21 / MATTHEW 9:1-17 Please pray for Dean & Jita, our new site leaders on Rusen Island. May God guide them to have clear and loving communication while adapting to their new roles. Help Dean, who is dependent on medication, to maintain good health.

SEPTEMBER 22 / PHILIPPIANS 2:1-18 Please pray for the parents, younger brother, and grandma of Netia, a TfN student, who haven’t been exposed to the love of God. May God open their hearts.

SEPTEMBER 23 / PHILIPPIANS 2:19-30 Lord, we ask for your protection for Rasi & Lelly, our site leaders in Papua. Please continue to guide them in leading the teachers, schools, students, and the community. Since they cannot maintain social distancing and online learning, please pray for protection for the area and keep viruses away from their cities.

SEPTEMBER 24 / EZEKIEL 18:1-18 We pray that the leadership of Seeds of Hope Children’s Home will be able to provide a comfortable and healthy place for the boys to sleep. They ask for God’s peace so that they can love their neighbors who judge the children because of their past and background.

SEPTEMBER 25 / EZEKIEL 18:19-32 Lord, please send more students to K school, so they will be able to extend their operational permit this year.

SEPTEMBER 26-27 / MATTHEW 21:18-32 Please pray that God will lead Tina, a TfN graduate, in meeting the right people who will become her partners in teaching children.

SEPTEMBER 28 / DANIEL 10:1 – 11:2a Lord, we life up Linda, an MSI volunteer from LA, who recently retired. We are grateful that she is healthy at the age of 78. Thank You for her faithful ministry in the field and may the Lord continue using her as His servant wherever she goes.

SEPTEMBER 29 / REVELATION 12:1-18 Please pray for the parents of Karin, a TfN student, to experience and receive God’s love in their lives.

SEPTEMBER 30 / PSALM 19:1-14 Lord, we bring Arti & Dadang to You. Give them the strength to mentor TfN students, manage the girl’s dorm, train Ani as the new principal of Blessing Preschool, and direct the leaders at M Youth Center and C Empowerment Center. Keep the unity in their family and bless their children.

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