Cyndi's English Class Blesses Native Students

by | Jan 5, 2021

Cyndi's English Class Blesses Native Students

It started out with Cyndi helping two high school students who had come from a village to start the 10th grade. They were struggling and falling behind the other students in English


Then some girls from Papua came and a couple of them really wanted English lessons so they decided to join. When schools closed because of the pandemic, Cyndi decided to increase the activities offered to everyone in the dorms. As a result, the English class began online meetings three days a week and more students started to come. Now they have a steady group of eight indigenous students who come twice a week.


“The content is as important as English, but learning English motivated them to come,” said Cyndi. The content varies from talking about their villages, singing, world geography, playing games and reading God’s Word. Praise God for the way that He is blessing these students!