December 2017 Prayer Calendar

by | Dec 1, 2017

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

December 2017

“God’s love can always be trusted and His faithfulness lasts as long as the heavens.”

 Psalm 89.2 CEV

01: Mark 13.24-37 Please pray for the foreigners who need legitimate visas to remain in countries where MSI is working.  Pray for favor with immigration officials & for the funding that is needed, as visas can be expensive.

02: Micah 5.2-15 Please pray for Arti, a field worker, who is undergoing chemotherapy.

Sunday 03: Micah 7 Please pray for Kashi, one of the teachers in the field, who is struggling to teach because her laptop is broken. Pray for provision for her.

04-06: Nahum 1-3 Please pray for MSI's overseas workers, that God would give them wisdom, spiritual protection & unity as they serve in challenging places far from home.

07: Isaiah 40.1-17 Please pray for the TfN Christmas celebration this evening.

08: Isaiah 40.18-31 Praise the Lord that He never gets weary or tired! Pray for those in the field who are feeling weary or tired that they would trust in the Lord & find new strength.

09: 2 Peter 3 Thank God for Lloyd & Grace’s safe return to the field.  Please pray that they continue to settle into their new routine as a family of four, with grace & peace.

Sunday 10: Mark 1.1-8 Please pray for the TfN soccer tournament happening this upcoming week. Pray that leadership & character would be developed in those participating & it would be an avenue to share the love of God.

11: 1 Thessalonians 5.13-28 Please pray that our TfN students would always be joyful & never stop praying.

12-13: John 1.1-34 Please pray for TfN trainees who finish their classes & final exams this week.

14-16: Haggai 1-2 Thank the Lord All-Powerful that He promises to help us with the work! Please pray that the work of MSI would continue to be built strong to the glory God.

Sunday 17: Psalm 126 Pray for students who are returning home for Christmas.  Please pray that their families & villages would receive them with gladness & embrace all God is doing in their lives.

18: 2 Samuel 7.1-17 Please pray for students who are unable to return home for Christmas. Pray that they would feel God’s closeness & He would help them through this difficult time.

19: 1 Chronicles 17.16-27 Please pray for the current political situation in Indonesia that Christians would be welcomed to take part & contribute in the government sector.

20-22: Psalm 89 Thank the Lord that we can depend on His love & He gives us strength by His power! Pray for a revelation of God’s love for the children attending MSI schools & strength for their teachers.

23: Romans 16.16-27 Praise God! He makes us strong by means of the Good News, which is the message about Jesus Christ. Please pray for continued strength for MSI field workers.

Sunday 24: Matthew 1.18-25 Please pray that Christ’s love would be known by the children of Southeast Asia this Christmas.

25: Luke 2.1-20 Merry Christmas! May the miracle of Christmas be evident in your home & in your hearts this year.

26: 2 Chronicles 24.8-22 Please pray for faith & patience for Eric & Hannah as they continue to believe God for the gift of children.

27: 1 John 1.1-2.2 Pray for the TfN administrator who is hoping to continue her education through a master’s degree.  Pray that God will provide for her financially in order to make this possible.

28: Isaiah 62 Praise the Lord that the new TfN teachers are excelling in their new schools! Please pray that they would continue to succeed in all that they do.

29: Psalm 148 Praise our God! His deeds are wonderful, too marvelous to describe. Please pray that the teenagers at M Youth Centre would know His wonderful deeds.

30: 2 John 1 Please pray that the children at Slippery Rock children’s home would know & walk the truth of Jesus.

Sunday 31: 3 John 1 Let’s celebrate all that God has done through MSI in 2017 & thank Him for all He will do in the year to come!

Click here to download a printable .pdf version of the December Prayer Calendar.