Do you have a favorite teacher?

by | Nov 17, 2017 | 4 comments

Did you have a favorite teacher or two? I hope you did. Sadly, there were people who pondered my question and then frowning said, “No, can’t say I did.”

For those whose faces lit up with a smile, I asked, “Tell me what it was about your ‘best ever teacher’; what was the characteristic that made that teacher shine? I couldn’t help seeing the common characteristic in their answers: every “favorite teacher” had a heart that wanted the best for their students.

Yesterday, we received a note from the principal of a school in a remote mountain town.

He had just received four graduate teachers from our teacher-training program, and had this to say, “Such a fabulous four! They have such character and are truly self-disciplined. Their hearts are committed to loving the kids, using all their skills and creativity; their commitment is 100% to develop the children and create a loving community.”

He ended by saying, “We are super-super happy with the workmanship and what God has done in the lives of the teachers through what you are doing [in the teacher-training program] …keep it up!

Please share in the comments what made your favorite teacher special. Your answers will inspire and encourage Mustard Seed teachers.


  1. frank woods

    make it a good experience and always know the students name….

  2. John Nitardy

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Wolf, who taught 6th grade @ Keewaydin Elementary School in Minneapolis, MN. She was very kind and found out how to compliment me on doing fraction math problems. That motivated me to try my best for the rest of my schooling!

  3. Paul Tucker

    DRsManfred Kober and Arthur Walton from Faith Baptist Bible College taught me so much, but it is really hard to pick out even one of my professors they were all so good.

  4. Laura. allyn

    My favorite teacher believed in me and challenged me. He made learning fun with games and challenges.