Site Report – PR Village

By: Mrs. Wiwik

The support provididsc_8808bng education for fatherless children, orpdsc_8953bhans and those from broken homes is still going on strong.

Starting from this July, the middle school has received new students for the coming academic year and these students have already settled in. We are also thankful for the additional support we received for the orphans and homeless children living in our orphanage. The funds raised will be used to buy rice to feed the children in the boarding house. By the grace and providence of God all the children are healthy and well-fed. Every day before school, everyone spends time in devotions with God.

Currently the children of the non-believing Dayak tribes from remote areas are living in our modest boarding house and are either enrolldsc_9152bed in middle school and general education courses with a job training component. We have 2 new children in the boarding house filling in the void left by those who have graduated. There are now thirty orphans living in the house.

Poverty continues to be a great challenge but we are not disheartened by it. The children and staff would like your prayers and help in covering their daily expenses. But they know ultimately God loves them and that He will provide and deliver through whatever hardship they may face.