Finding Freedom

by | Jun 22, 2018

To many of us, it sounds outlandish.

This is the reality on the other side of the world:

Annie, like many of the students who come to our supported schools from remote mountain villages to continue their education past grade 6, was sent out by her parents with a demon to watch over and protect her.

Annie loves to learn…

She’s excelling in grade 7…

Yet she is troubled by a spirit that keeps telling her to quit and go home.

Annie lives at a Mustard Seed children’s home founded in 2003 by Pastor Sani and his wife, Elka.

This particular children's home is surrounded by boarding schools that only teach the children the belief and faith in that area.

The good news is that knowing the language and culture of the mountain villages, Pastor Sani and Elka are well equipped to share their love of Jesus with both the children and their parents.

The parents genuinely want the best for their children; however, it's challenging because they are often illiterate and confused about the best choices to make for their children. Since Pastor Sani and Elka are well-known from their travels among the villages, parents are willing to trust them with the care and education of their children.

This is just one example of many of the way Mustard Seed schools and children’s homes exist in a world where the forces of darkness that Jesus came to defeat are recognized as spiritual authority. The teachers Mustard Seed supports and trains are constantly involved in spiritual battles to free the people from this fearful bondage.

Your prayers and financial support help make this possible.


Mustard Seed International

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