Giving Hope Through Education

by | Jan 17, 2020

Giving Hope Through Education

As a TransformNation teacher, I feel that I have been given the privilege to spread the good news and hope to children living on remote islands.”

I am Siela. My childhood was not an easy one. I was born on a remote island with no modern facilities. My family earns a living by farming, and when I finished elementary school, I had to move far away from home just to continue my education. I lived with my extended family but they didn’t treat me well. Even though I was still little, I needed to work hard to please them. Then my dad passed away while I was in high school and things became much worse. I prayed to God to get me out of the situation by sending me to higher education, but my mom didn’t have any money.

It was a confusing and disheartening situation, but God gave me a dream that I could change the world and help make it a better place by teaching Indonesian children. So when I found out about the TransformNation (TfN) program, I convinced my mother to let me apply. But my extended family disagreed and they tried to keep me with them.

The TfN admission test was difficult for me and some of my teachers even discouraged me. They showed preference to some of the “elite, smart students” but treated the rest of the applicants like we were worthless and stupid. It broke my heart. What else could I do if I was not smart enough? But my headmaster looked at me differently. He motivated me to do my best.

When I got the news that I was accepted into TfN, I knew this was a miracle opportunity from God to continue my education and fulfill the dream God placed in my heart. With my mom’s blessing, I planned the trip. It was not easy for a young, inexperienced girl to go far away to a big city. My extended family tried to take away the plane ticket that TfN gave me, and they even sent a police officer to stop me at the airport. But I stood up for myself and explained to the officer that my future was at stake. In the end, he understood and let me go.

Looking back, I realize how gracious God was to me. He replaced my earthly father and became a real, heavenly Father to me. My decision to pursue the dream and journey with TfN was the best decision I have ever made. Now that I have graduated as a teacher and was entrusted to lead a school in the Spice Islands, I realize that the dream God gave to me as a little girl from a small island had become a reality. He truly is a promise keeper.

My difficult journey in pursuing an education had brought me a rich perspective as I now serve as a school principal on a remote island. I understand clearly how children in villages need someone who can see their potential and offer them hope. Someone who can help them to see their God-given abilities and inspire them to pursue their dreams.  Someone who can help them to cultivate and grow their potential to build a promising future.

And now, I am forever grateful. Because someone believed in me and cared about my education, I have become the hope for these children. I can see the ripple effect. These children will become hope and inspiration for many more people in the future.

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