Giving Tuesday for the Island of Promise

by | Nov 27, 2018

This Giving Tuesday provide hope for a future to a child whose village has no school.

Understanding that village communities live off the land, the idea of a communal garden arose. In one village, mothers embraced the idea of planting, watering and selling the harvest as income for their children’s education. The funds they earn are deposited in an account in the name of their child and will be used exclusively for their education.

Support and development come readily from the farming at Mustard Seed’s Victory Place. Raising pigs have been introduced as a profitable business to cover future tuition. Envision the potential – empowered parents with the means to contribute to their children’s education.

A visitor to a village found herself surrounded by children chanting “learn, learn”. They wanted her to teach them something. They cried out for the opportunity to gain knowledge. They want it! And so does the Head of Education for the region.

God has opened the door for Mustard Seed to provide primary education to all the children in the area. That’s 50,000 children waiting. We’re ready. Will you help?

Below is a chart below representing a first-year start-up for a class of 20-25 students. 

Cost Items per student on start up of a Kindergarten
 $       2.00 Pencils and eraser
 $       3.00 Crayons and markers
 $       4.00 Cup and plate
 $       5.00 Work book
 $       6.00 Back pack
 $       8.00 Uniform
 $    10.00 Educational toys such as an abacus and blocks
 $    20.00 Chair
 $    20.00 Place at a table
 $  120.00 Teacher
 $  198.00 Per student
 $  150.00 Per pig for communal farming to raise funds for their children’s education.

Be there for this life changing opportunity for 25 children by helping us raise $4,950 this Giving Tuesday!