God Will Take Care of You

by | Apr 8, 2020

God Will Take Care of You

“Mr. & Mrs. Sendy are the founders of Seeds of Hope Children's Home. Right now, their son and daughter-in-law are helping them care for 43 orphaned children. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, some of the children who were visiting relatives before the outbreak can't return to the children's home. Please pray for them.”

Greetings from me, Ps. Sendy (71 years old) and my wife Mrs. Sendy (75 years old). I am writing to you from Seeds of Hope Children's Home in Bali. Since we founded the children's home in June 2000, we started accepting children and loving them as family.  A year after the home opened, my wife had a stroke. It was a very trying time for us but we praise the Lord because He still used and trusted us to take care of so many children. He has always provided everything that we need.

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, in this time of challenge, we want to encourage you all, that in God, we will never be far away from His love and care. Hallelujah! In times like these, we strengthen our children's faith by encouraging them that God will never leave us. So everyday we pray together for your safety, health and peace in God, so you won't let worries overwhelm you. Praise the Lord!  We have the Living God who always takes care of us. Amen.

Matthew 6:26
Psalm 91

Here is a song from our children to you: God Will Take Care of You. We hope you will enjoy this!