Second Graders Learn to have Hope in God

by | Jan 12, 2021

“Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23:6)


It’s mid-January and we are hopeful for 2021! As Christ followers, our hope is not just wishful thinking, but an essential part of our faith that is living and active. It’s crucial that we practice walking in hope every day. How can we teach children to have hope in God since they are young? Diang, a teacher from Mustard Seed Lab School, shares her experience when teaching her students to have hope in God:

“In our Bible study class, we learned about Psalm 23, where David put his hope in God. Through this Psalm, David shared how God provided for him, protected him from danger, and comforted him when he was sad,” she said.

Then, Diang asked her second grade students to write about God’s faithfulness in their lives. After they finished writing, they shared their stories with the class. She started by sharing her own story with the students.

Click the video below to watch how Anabelle, one of Diang’s second grade students share about God’s faithfulness in her life. In English, Ana shared how God led her and gave her strength when she underwent surgery.

Because of Jesus, we have hope both for this life and for eternity. Let’s work together to spark hope in the hearts of children!