The Island of Promise

The Island of Promise* is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Eastern Indonesia. A hub school was started in 2017 as a center that serves another 34 village schools in 20 villages.

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The Hub School

The Island of Promise hub school serves as the model of Christian education for the whole island. Currently, there are 9 teachers that teach 67 students. The hub school also provides training and support for 34 village teachers who serve 18 villages. During the pandemic and when a natural disaster struck, it helped the community and served as a relief center.

Watch the video above about the hub school on the Island of Promise

Our Daily Life

Every day, we have to walk far away from home through a dry-hilly savannah to reach our school. Teacher Ari said that we walk 10km every day! We feel very tired especially when the sun is very bright.

At home, fetching water is a job every child must do. When it's rainy season, it's easy to get water. There are a lot of trees in the valley that hold water. But when it's summer, we have to walk so far away to find water. The soil is cracking and water is no where to be found.

At night, we study with a candle because there's no electricity in our village. But we are happy because now we can go to school every day!

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Our Water Scarcity

Because water is really precious, we only use water for drinking and cooking. Taking a bath every day is something impossible for us to do. Sometimes we get sick because we drink unsafe water.

Watch the video above to see one of our village schools provide clean water for the students and their village.

Our Village School

Two years ago, Teacher Ari came to our village to talk to our parents. He brought so many books. Not long after that, we had a new school in our village! Our school is made from bamboo walls and there are four classrooms. Ever since the new school started, every day we have teachers to teach us. And our school even has clean water available! It's a miracle!

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Our Teachers

Now, every day we have wonderful teachers who are kind and full of love. Thay not only teach us how to read, but also show us how to keep our bodies healthy by washing our hands, brushing our teeth, and washing our hair. We love our teachers!

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Mustard Seed International is committed to opening more schools on the Island of Promise.
Our future projects include:
  • Building nine more classrooms for our hub schools.
  • Help village schools thriving by training village teachers.

    Help us to reach more children and provide them with life-changing education!