“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” – Nigerian proverb.

This timeless and relevant Nigerian proverb echoes what was written in Ecclesiastes 4:9 -12.

And the TransformNation Recruitment team knows all too well how this communal responsibility works.

The TransforIt Takes A Village 02BmNation Recruitment team traveled for days through rain, mud, forests, crossed rivers, to meet candidates in remote villages in hopes of finding the 10 best TransformNation students of 2016.

Many schools and community leaders from every Mustard Seed International site did their own local tests first to filter which students would even be allowed to undergo the testing procedure.

From an original pool of 67 recommendations from Mustard Seed International site leaders and schools across South East Asia the students were ranked and only the top 30 potential candidates went on to a grueling new testing process created by the recruitment team.

After evaluating the previous year’s recruitment process, the recruitment team created a new application process which included improved administration, communication and registration procedures and a new academic test, a character test, a team-building test, and an interview.

The recruitment team had limited knowledge and prospective, but they relied on God and the Holy Spirit to guide them and the prayers of Mustard Seed International supporters.

“Your prayers really helped the recruitment team throughout the process. God gave the recruitment team knowledge, patience, perspective, advice or anything that we needed through it all. Thank you so much!

Please keep praying and supporting us, we really need it. It is so nice to feel that we aren’t alone here! Thank you so much!” the TransformNation recruitment team wrote.

The TransNation recruitment team’s hope is to build up His Kingdom and build up these students to become the best of themselves as God created them and to be the light and salt of the world.

“We want students who love God, who have a humble heart, a teachable person, one who will serve others and show God’s love – especially for their future students,”

After months of hard work and prayer, the TransformNation recruitment team chose 10 candidates to become TransformNation students for 2016.

It Takes A Village 01B“When we remember God’s grace, it reminds us why we do what we do and it is really worth it to expand God’s Kingdom in this work and let the world know through our life that our God is an Awesome God!, He is trustworthy, and very dependable. Praise our Lord, Jesus Christ Amen!”

The recruitment team said the work does not stop here and that they still need to help the students go on to study at university.

“When our students made the commitment that they would become part of Mustard Seed International/TransformNation’s big family, we will be their parents, their mentors, and examples for them,” the recruitment team wrote.

It really does take a village to raise a child.