January 2018 Prayer Calendar

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Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

January 2018

“Lord God, you stretched out your mighty arm and made the sky and the earth.  

You can do anything..”

Jeremiah 32.17 CEV

01-02: 1 Kings 8.22-61 Happy New Year! Please pray for fresh vision & hope this New Year for all who trust in God.

03-05: Ephesians 1-3 Thank the Lord that a displaced elementary school has found a new facility to rent!

06: Matthew 2:1-12 Please pray for continued protection for Victory Place, our new TfN site.  Pray for unity & favorable relationships with the neighboring communities of the majority faith.

Sunday 07: Mark 2:1-13 Praise God for his healing power! Please continue to pray for healing for Pastor Anton’s son, Gabriel.

08: Acts 10.30-48 Please pray for unity amongst the TfN students as they return back to school after Christmas break.

09-10: Acts 19.1-20 Please pray that the Good News about Jesus would continue to spread in power throughout Southeast Asia.

11: Psalm 40 Thank the Lord that He cares for the poor & needy by coming to their rescue!

12: Matthew 2.13-23 Please pray that Irina would grow in faith & character through the TfN program.

13: 1 Samuel 2.12-36 Please pray for perseverance & endurance for Linda & her team who are working in a very remote village.

Sunday 14: 1 Samuel 3 Please pray that MSI’s leadership would always be sensitive to the voice of the Lord & quick to obey.

15: John 1.35-51 Praise Jesus that He reveals Himself to us! Pray that the people would recognize the presence of Jesus in their lives.

16: Jonah 1 Pray for Eva, a TfN student, who desires to step further out of her comfort zone.

17: Jonah 2-3 Thank the Lord that He is gracious & merciful! He rescues us & offers us second chances.  May those who find themselves in a pit of despair cry out to God & receive their second chance.

18: Jonah 4 Please pray that the children at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home would always know how much God loves them.

19: Mark 8.22-9.1 Thank the Lord for MSI field workers who have given up their lives for the sake of Jesus & the Good News! Please pray that they would be blessed for their sacrifice.

20-Sunday 21: Ephesians 4 Pray for the relationships between overseas workers & national partners, that God would give us love for one another & healthy working relationships.

22: Mark 1.14-28 Please pray for the teenagers at M Youth Centre that they would embrace the truth & walk in it.

23-24: 1 Corinthians 7.1-34 Please pray for Trinity, a TfN student, who is hoping to visit her village in 2019.

25-26: Acts 26 Thanks be to God for our faithful donors & prayer partners! Please pray that they would prosper & be blessed.

27: Psalm 95 Please pray that MSI students would listen to God’s voice today & not be stubborn or rebellious.

Sunday 28: Deuteronomy 18 Give thanks for every student who has been chosen to be in TfN. Pray for their hearts personally, that through them Southeast Asia can be better & progress through education.

29: Psalm 110-111 Please pray that the TfN teachers-in-training would ask for & receive God’s strength to teach well and persevere when things get hard. Pray that they would feel God’s pleasure as they teach & that this would be their greatest motivation.

30: Psalm 147 Shout praises to the Lord! He renews our hopes & heals our bodies.  Please pray for renewed hope & healing for MSI leadership & field workers who are in need.

31: Job 6.1-13 Thank the Lord for His constant provision in every area we need it!

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  1. Samuel

    It observed that Holy spirit lead vers in January 2018.My GOD'S vision gigt has been 1 Corinthians 12:4