January 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Dec 31, 2019

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

January 2020

“Praise the Lord! Let all that I am praise the Lord. I will praise the Lord as long as I live…” Psalms 146.1-2a

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01: Ezekiel 17.22-24 Happy New Year! May we put our hope in God and acknowledge that He alone knows what 2020 has in store. He is faithful and trustworthy!

02-03: Isaiah 60 Please pray for those who are struggling with hopelessness this time of year. May they look to God, who is The Lifter of our heads!

04: Psalm 72 Please pray for health and strength for our MSI board members who serve so faithfully.

Sunday 05: Ephesians 3 Please pray for protection over our international director as he travels back to the field after spending Christmas with his family.

06: Matthew 2.1-12 Please pray for Arti and Dadang as they mentor a diverse group of students while overseeing a local kindergarten and after school program.

07: Deuteronomy 10.12-22 Please pray for rain on a remote island that is currently suffering from drought.

08-09: Isaiah 42 Please pray for expatriates who require extensions on their Visas.  May everything run smoothly for them.

10: Acts 10.34-48 Please pray for our MSI field team and TfN students who will be traveling back from visiting with family over Christmas break. May they be protected in their journeys.

11-Sunday 12: Matthew 2.13-3.17 Please pray for Pastor Sani & Elka as they continue to care for the children at Slippery Rock children’s home.  May they continue to be energized & strengthened by the Holy Spirit in all they do.

13: Genesis 12 Please pray for the new TfN term starting this week. May the students feel reenergized & eager to learn.

14-15: Isaiah 49 As we remember the death of our founder, Lillian Dickson, today, we are reminded of a life well lived. May we all live in obedience to God’s call on our lives. 

16-17: Amos 5 Please pray for increased unity amongst the TfN staff.

18: Matthew 16.1-20 Thanks be to God for Kiera & her faithfulness teaching others how to study the Bible.  May she continue to receive wisdom & understanding from the Lord. 

Sunday 19: John 1.29-42 Please pray for Wiwik, a principal who has opened her home to economically poor students. May she have more than enough to provide for their needs.

20-22: 1 Corinthians 11.17-12.31 Please pray that CEC would continue to expand so that they can serve more and more young people.

23: Psalm 27 Please pray for Wilson as she mentors the TfN interns in the field. May she have wisdom and discernment to encourage them in the midst of the challenges they face.

24: Matthew 4.12-25 Thank the Lord for Jules who serves as a great encouragement & inspiration to our TfN students. May she continue to pour out the love of God on them.

25-26: Acts 26 Please pray for Mustard Seed supporters who are in need of healing today.  May they look to God as their Great Physician as receive strength.

Sunday 27-28: 1 Corinthians 1 Please pray for sponsors for the TfN students who still need financial support. May God lead people to take on this special responsibility and see it as a great privilege.

29-31: Micah 4-6 Please pray that God would continue to open doors for new schools throughout Southeast Asia. 


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