January 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Jan 1, 2021

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

January 2021


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

(Jeremiah 29:11)

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JANUARY 1 / EZEKIEL 17:22-24
Happy New Year! Lord we want to start the New Year with a petition for more wisdom and understanding to manifest Your peace, joy, and blessings every day through 2021.

JANUARY 2 / ISAIAH 60:1-12
Lord, we continue to pray for our students who are still confined to distance learning at their homes. Give them patience and joy, help them to grow stronger in the relationships with their parents, siblings, and teachers.

JANUARY 3 – 4 / ISAIAH 60:13-22
Lord, please grant more creativity to our teachers as they need to find ways to engage with their students through distance learning. Provide them with resources and tools to solve every obstacle, and help them to be emotionally healthy and mature.

We lift up Elisa, Lord, as she struggles a lot to adjust with the new environment in Rusen Island. Give her wisdom, understanding, and peace on how to serve You best through the children she meets.

Please pray for protection over the health of our donors, workers, partners, students, and teachers.

Lord, we ask for wisdom for our team in Rusen Island as they navigate through the partnership with the local government. Please pray that the obstacles won’t deter the passion of our teachers, but will result in a stronger team who will trust and experience You more.

JANUARY 8 / ISAIAH 42:1-13
Lord, we pray for the administration process for our lab school that has been delayed. Please open the way so our school can continue to bless many children and teachers.

JANUARY 9 – 10 / ISAIAH 42:14-25
Lord, we pray for Jonathan, a TfN intern, and his plan to get married next year.

JANUARY 11 / MATTHEW 2:13-23
Please pray for the parents of our TfN students who are sick and unable to access medication.

Please pray for the students in K school and Blessing preschool, who take turns coming to the schools every other day to keep their distance. Bless their growth and their understanding of You.

JANUARY 13 / GENESIS 12:1-20
We pray for our site leaders, Eric & Hannah, Lord. Grant them their desire to have a healthy baby made in Your holy image.

JANUARY 14 / ISAIAH 49:1-13
Please pray for the teenagers we serve through M Youth Centre. May they be eager to learn more about God and His plans for their lives.

JANUARY 15 / ISAIAH 49:14-26
We pray for the preparation to open our new junior high school in Java. Please provide the leadership team with financial resources.

JANUARY 16 – 17 / AMOS 5:1-13
Please pray for Xavier, a TfN staff member, who is separated from his wife and newborn baby as he serves children on Rusen Island. Bless their plan to be together soon.

JANUARY 18 / MATTHEW 16:1-20
We pray for our field workers on Spice island who experience obstacles with the local government.

JANUARY 19 / JOHN 1:29-42
Lord, we ask for your protection over Mark & Randy who serve children from animistic backgrounds. May they find creative ways to share truth.

We praise You Lord that You brought children to our school on Nipa Island. Bless their plan to reopen the school and provide the best experience for the children.

We lift up Constance, a TfN intern, who feels overwhelmed with the responsibility she has been given to teach grade 2 and grade 3 students.

JANUARY 22 / 1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-31a
Please pray for the programs at Victory Place that bless the community from the majority faith. Help the field workers to channel the blessings and equip them with knowledge and problem solving capabilities. Help the people around to feel Your love through the programs.

JANUARY 23 – 24 / PSALM 27:1-14
Lord we praise You that You have blessed the development of our partner school on Gapanau Island. We pray that You prepare the hearts of the people around (both parents and students) to be ready to be educated.

JANUARY 25 / MATTHEW 4:12-25
Please pray for Vano, who is experiencing difficulties communicating with kindergarten students. We give thanks to You, that he can connect easily with the youth as he plans to teach them entrepreneurship.

JANUARY 26 / ACTS 26:19-32
Please pray for strength and wisdom for Leland, who is trying to reach out to his students with families with animism backgrounds in Papua.

We pray for the plan of Victory Place to help alleviate the financial burden of local churches affected by the pandemic by helping them sell local produce.

Please pray for Michael, a TfN intern, and his desire to open a school in his village in the Papua highlands.

JANUARY 29 / MICAH 4:1–5:1
Please pray for the children who join the after school programs in Papua. Through sports and music, may they be able to explore their potential, know their purposes, and experience God’s loving hand.

JANUARY 30 – 31 / MICAH 5:2-15
Lord, we ask for Your favour and grace for the families of our field workers and TfN students/interns who might still be imprisoned in evil ways and living in darkness. Through Your work in them, may they be able to see Your light and experience Your kindness.

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