Reflecting On Jesus' Sacrifice

by | Apr 7, 2023

The TransformNation (TfN) program prepares youth as educators, leaders, and catalysts. Students and interns are trained to invest their lives in their students and communities. This Easter, three of them reflect what Jesus’ sacrifice means to them.

Dorina with her students. Teaching and serving in local schools is part of TfN’s curriculum.

“Jesus loved me first. His sacrifice on the cross was
the essence of everything. I don’t deserve His love
but His blood sanctifies me. In everything I do I
should remember the cross so others can see that
the same Jesus in whom I believe, loves them too.
I reflect His sacrifice by sacrificing my lunch time to
teach whenever I see my students struggling with
their studies. I also give them some extra hours
after school finishes. When I led the TfN relief team
to deliver help for flood victims, not only did we
distribute food and clothing, we went the extra
mile to clean up their houses and entertain their
children. As a leader, I have to be ready to give
up my time, energy, and money for those I lead.”
(Dorina, 4th year TfN trainee).

Joseph gives extra lessons for his students.

TfN arranged a community service program where we served
multi-faith communities and lived with them for three months
I noticed that there were several students who experienced
challenges because of their faith. I spent many hours with them so they
could talk to me and I could provide them with the guidance they needed.
On several occasions, I talked to their families to see if I could give them free
lessons  in their homes. I’m grateful that they welcomed me with open arms.
I took these extra steps because I owe Jesus so much. Jesus
was there at the lowest point of my life and He opened doors
for me. In each opportunity, I want to show these children
that Jesus is there for them too, just like He was for me
(Joseph, 3rd year TfN trainee).

Rita with the children from the afterschool program.

I could never repay Jesus for what He did for me, even
if I had to die for Him. So I show my gratitude for His
sacrifice through acts of service every day. There are
many children in the village where we serve who are
illiterate, even though they are in primary school. In
order to help them, we often give extra time during
after school hours and on weekend holidays.
Their enthusiasm is high. Not only do kindergarten and
primary school students join the program, local teens
are also interested in coming. Later, the local church
supported us by allowing us to use their facility. The
whole community is coming together in order to
support their children! I’m happy that these children
brought joy to their families and community.
(Rita, TfN Intern on Celebes Island).