Join the Go the Distance Challenge

by | Jun 1, 2021

“Happy International Children's Day! To celebrate International Children's Day, Mustard Seed would like to ask you to join the Go the Distance Challenge. Support our teams as they walk, run, or bike this month to give Indonesian children the life changing education they deserve!


“Hello… We are Lia and Alfrida. Every day, we have to walk very far away from home just to get to school. One of our teachers, who we call Uncle Tirta, said that we walk 8km to get to school, and another 8km to get home. Do you think that's far? We think it's fun! As we walk through hilly mountains, valleys, forests, and rivers, we see many animals! We don't usually wear shoes, as it's easier to grab the dirt and stones on the slippery paths with our bare feet or with simple slippers. We normally walk alone. The only time adults come with us is when the river is flooded, to help us get across.”

Watch below our video and listen to our conversation with Uncle Tirta.