July 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Jul 1, 2020

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

July 2020


Seek the welfare of the city to which I've exiled you and pray to the LORD for it, for your welfare depends on its welfare.

Jeremiah 29:7 ISV

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JULY 1 / ISAIAH 32:1-20 Happy Canada Day! We bless all Friends of Mustard Seed in Canada. May health, prosperity, wisdom, joy and divine blessing be with you always.

JULY 2 / ZECHARIAH 9:9-17 Lord, please provide supplies for our schools and teachers who have been struggling to finance operational costs due to the pandemic.

JULY 3 / HEBREWS 10:19-11:3 God, please guide TfN students, Elisa, Mabo, and Jessica, as they have been appointed the new leaders of the TfN bible study. May they gain experiences that prepare them to facilitate similar groups when they are sent out as teachers.

JULY 4-5 / ROMANS 7:14-25 Happy 4th of July to all Friends of Mustard Seed in the USA. God bless you with time, power, and the ability to impact many people’s lives.

JUNE 5 / 2 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13 We thank God that the teachers at our schools have been able to find creative ways to do distance learning with the students.

JULY 6 / MATTHEW 11:1-15 Please pray for students in Papua whose cultural practices make it difficult to apply social distancing in their homes. Give our site leaders creativity and wisdom as they plan to take the students back to the dorms and monitor them.

JULY 7 / MATTHEW 11:16-30 Please pray for Jems & Nita, our site leaders at S Village. Pray for wisdom in running the school and raising their two young sons.

JULY 8 / MATTHEW 12:1-14 Pray for God’s love to be spread throughout S Village. Unite them and bless them as they bless the surrounding areas.

JULY 9 / MATTHEW 12:15-32 Pray for one of the leaders at S Village who recently lost his dad unexpectedly. May he remain strong in his faith during his time of mourning.

JULY 10 / MATTHEW 12:33-50 God, bless the program at Victory Place as they provide support to those who lost their jobs.

JULY 11-12 / MATTHEW 13:1-17 We pray for Daniel, the leader at Victory Place, who has become a leader of the Covid-19 Government Task Force to support many people through the crisis.

JULY 13 / MATTHEW 13:18-35 Praise the Lord for Rasi & Lelly who have been able to return to their home after being displaced due to political unrest. May they continue to be a blessing to the children there.

JULY 14 / PSALM 119:121-144 Please pray for our TfN students and their parents who have been separated for months because of Covid-19. Protect their health and bring peace to their hearts.

JULY 15 / ISAIAH 44:1-20 We praise the Lord for eleven TfN recruits who passed their entrance tests. May God guide them and protect them so they may arrive safely this summer to start their studies.

JULY 16 / ISAIAH 44:21-45:8 We praise the Lord for eleven TfN recruits who passed their entrance tests. May God guide them and protect them so they may arrive safely this summer to start their studies.

JULY 17 / ISAIAH 45:9-46:2 Please pray for courage and strength for the leaders and children at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. They are longing to see their neighbors come to know God’s love.

JULY 18-19 / MATTHEW 13:36-58 Lord help Wiwik, our leader at P High School, to have peace in You. Please help the students who are still doing distance learning.

JULY 20 / ROMANS 8:31-39 Praise God that K School has so many students! Please pray that God will send three more students so they can get their operational permit.

JULY 21 / 1 KINGS 3:1-15 Please pray for the teacher at K school who suffers from osteoarthritis and can’t walk. She has been faithfully serving the children and misses not being at school with them.

JULY 22 / JOHN 20:1-18 Please pray for the approval of the permit extension application for Blessing Preschool that has been submitted to the governing authorities.

JULY 23 / GENESIS 29:1-14 Today is Indonesian Children’s Day. We pray for all the children that God has entrusted to our care. May all the seeds of God’s word remain in their hearts as they grow stronger and more faithful to God and become leaders who will bless the communities around them.

JULY 24 / GENESIS 29:15-35 Please pray for the teens at M Youth Centre (MYC) who have been absent for months due to Covid-19. May they remain close to God and bless those in need.

JULY 25-26 / MATTHEW 20:17-34 May God send support to fix the repairs that are needed for MYC’s building. Grant the leaders wisdom to maintain
the place.

JULY 27 / PSALM 17:1-15 Please pray for MYC leaders to have courage in running the program. Bless their two leaders who are volunteering and trying to get full-time jobs.

JULY 28 / PSALM 145:1-21 Please pray for the leaders at C Empowerment Centre. May they grow closer to God so that the students they mentor will witness His goodness, love, and guidance.

JULY 29 / ROMANS 9:1-18 Many TfN students have lost the opportunity to personally meet with their mentors for months. Please pray that they will learn to depend on God more than anyone else. May they grow in patience, joy, and perseverance.

JULY 30 / ROMANS 9:19-33  Lord bless the children at Slippery Rock Children’s Home. Thank you that several of them will graduate from high school this month. Help them to be able to continue their education and spread the seeds that You have planted inside each one of them.

JULY 31 / GENESIS 31:22-42 Lord, we give thanks to you that You are still here with us. Thank you for your faithfulness in protecting and supporting all our children. Help each one of us to be more like You everyday.

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