Congratulations! TransformNation Class of 2020

by | Jul 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Congratulations! TransformNation Class of 2020

Imagine a group of young people ready to light the way for village children. Imagine children gathered around them, as they tell them about dreaming big, finding hope, and discovering their potential. Imagine how the children feel God's love through these young people, who are not just their teachers but their mentors and hope builders.

Well, in a couple of weeks, these amazing things will happen! Hundreds of children at MSI schools will meet these new teachers who are ready to love, teach, and disciple them. Congratulations, TransfomNation graduates! As the class of 2020, you are a beacon of hope for children and their communities during this challenging time. We pray that God will guide you to love the communities you serve.


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