June 2021 Prayer Calendar

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June 2021


JUNE 1 / GENESIS 3:1-15
Happy International Children’s Day! Pray for God’s guidance to build healthy relationships with desperately needy children. Many children of all ages have no stable adult in their lives. Pray for healing, forgiveness and the love of Jesus in their spirits and lives.

JUNE 2 / 1 SAMUEL 8:1-22
Praise God for Mustard Seed directors’ steady support and leadership. They are leading the way in a virtual fundraiser this month.

JUNE 3 / 1 SAMUEL 9:1-21
Lord, June is the month our students have their final exams. Please protect their health so they may focus. Grant them resilience and patience to study more.

JUNE 4 / 1 SAMUEL 9-10
We give thanks for the Lord’s protection over our team on the Island of Promise during the recent storm. The team’s blessing was evident as they delivered aid and provided shelter in their community.

JUNE 5 – 6 / MARK 3:20-35
Pray for the long-term restoration of the Island of Promise, especially for our damaged village schools and the parents who lost their crops and cattle.

JUNE 7 / 1 SAMUEL 11:1-15
Please pray for our 4th year TransformNation (TfN) trainees who are defending their final thesis today. May God be with them!

JUNE 8 / 1 SAMUEL 15
Pray for the new students starting the TfN program in July. Pray that they will adjust well to the demands of university.

JUNE 9 / 1 SAMUEL 16
Pray for the families that the new TfN students have left behind. Praise God that they allowed their children to join the program.

JUNE 10 / ACTS 11:1-18
Praise God for Lloyd and Grace’s safe return to Indonesia from an extended furlough due to Covid-19.

JUNE 11 / ACTS 11:19-30
We give thanks for the 9 first generation TfN students Class A who have finished their contract. May God lead them all as they start their new plans and journey.

JUNE 12 – 13 / ACTS 13:1-12
Praise God for the gift of babies. Welcome baby Jeremiah and Ivy into the Mustard Seed family.

JUNE 14 / MARK 4:1-20
Pray for God’s favor as we try to open a university.

JUNE 15 / 1 SAMUEL 16
We continue to pray for those close to us and for our students’ and teachers’ family members infected by the Covid-19 virus. May they receive total healing by the blood of Christ.

JUNE 16 / 1 SAMUEL 17
Please pray for TfN students who are in their final preparation to be sent out to the field in a couple of months. May God prepare their hearts and health.

JUNE 17 / 1 SAMUEL 18
Mustard Seed’s expatriates know that their job is only to equip and empower, and then turn the ministry over to the local people who are actively working out the calling that God has placed on their lives.

We remember our 4th year TfN trainees as they graduate from the first phase of the program today. We praise God for family members who were able to travel far distances to celebrate with them!

JUNE 19 – 20 / PROVERBS 10:1-16
Happy Father’s Day! Pray a blessing on all fathers; that they would lead their family in faith.

JUNE 21 / PROVERBS 10:17-32
Please pray for Maria as she prepares to be an elementary school teacher in Gapanau Island. She longs to be a teacher who can bless her students and community with the gifts God has given her.

JUNE 22 / 1 SAMUEL 31:1-13
Please pray for Tommy who in the past year struggled to share his challenges to his mentor and friends. His mental state has severely affected his academic score. Please pray that God gives him peace and strength to finish his study, and for him to be able to bounce back.

JUNE 23 / 2 SAMUEL 1:1-16
Praise the Lord for Jessica. She has the capability to teach high school students and has received the calling to serve teenagers in Papuan Highlands. We give thanks for her parents who fully support her calling in the most challenging place.

JUNE 24 / 2 SAMUEL 1:17
Please pray for Lionel so he can be aware of the work of the Holy Spirit. He wants to train his mind to be aware that God is always there to teach Him something new for everything that happens in his life.

JUNE 25 / PSALM 30
We are thankful to have Samantha ready to go to the Spice Islands. She requests prayer for God to keep her humble, remain open to correction
and listen to advice.

JUNE 26 – 27 / MARK 5:1-20
Pray for Caroline as she prepares herself to teach children in the Papuan Highlands. She has a vision to reach out to children in any way she can: through Sunday school, soccer school, and Bible study.

JUNE 28 / MARK 5:1-21-43
Praise God that Vano found his strength in mentoring teenagers. He asks God to guide him in teaching and managing the toddlers as he finds it quite challenging.

JUNE 29 / MARK 6:1-13
Give thanks for Kiera. Her determination for each student to understand the Bible is having
a great impact.

The trainees want to see how the Bible makes sense of their lives. Praise God! Give thanks to the Lord for the freedom to teach God’s word.

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  1. Roger Wray

    Holy God, in the name of your Holy Son Yehoshua, I pray for any and all support that Mustard Seed needs and the workers they are sending into the field to collect the harvest that you have provided and that it may be unending. Father please guide and protect the harvest that it may grow beyond measure.

    • Mustard Seed International

      Thank you so much, Roger, for your faithful prayers to the work of God. Blessings for your ministry and works too!

  2. Nicko Bolhuy

    Makasih untuk semua pelayanan di Indonesia terlebih khusus di Bagian Timur Indonesia yang masih banyak perlu perubahan

    • Mustard Seed International

      Dangke banyak banyak, thank you so much Bu Nicko, keep up your good work too!