One Donor’s Obedience Inspires TransformNation Laptop Matching Program

by | Apr 16, 2021

Last year, one of the MSI prayer requests read: “Please pray for TransformNation (TfN) students who are struggling to study without personal laptops… Grant them resilience to be able to stay motivated despite their limitations.”


A few days later, a call came in to MSI’s North American office. A faithful donor had read the request and was moved to cover the cost of two laptops. When word reached our field team about her generosity, an idea took form. Instead of simply providing two students with laptops, the donation started a fund for a “Laptop Matching Program”. The program is designed to help the teachers-in-training to learn the importance of hard work and dedication, while experiencing the satisfaction of earning something valuable. Students work 50 hours to earn 20% of the cost of their laptops. The remaining 80% is covered through donations.

So far, nine students have been able to complete the 50 hours, and another 9 students are working on the program. They have worked for teachers at our hub school, the campus manager, expatriates, the local youth centre, and more. One student learned to cut hair and gave free haircuts until he was good enough to charge. Another student learned how to weld by asking if he could do most of his hours alongside the maintenance person who does welding. Students have cleaned houses, planted gardens, washed cars and motorcycles, and helped teachers in their classrooms.

The students who have personally benefited from the program shared their thoughts:


“I am honored for the donor’s sacrifices. I finished my 50 hours of work and got the laptop. But what I learned from the work was much more valuable and will last forever. From now on, every time I do something, I will do it with a full heart.” – Martin

“The laptop has been helping me to work on my final thesis. Thank you! The experience of working gave me opportunities to practice my English when I served at the expatriate’s houses.” – Jessica

“My studies were often disrupted as I didn’t have a computer. I have been saving money from my weekend lunch money to buy a laptop. That’s why I was thrilled when I joined this matching program! Thank you to the donors that I can have a laptop now.” – Samuel

“I realized that working for 50 hours wouldn’t be enough to get a laptop. So I am really grateful that there are people who care enough to donate. I learned to earn something by working and to have a more meaningful relationship with the people I worked with.” – Aflen

“I have been using the laptop for 4 months and I appreciate every minute of it! Not only because it’s been very helpful with my studies and ministry, but because of the process of earning it. Started with a prayer to God, getting an answer through the program, and walking in faith by finishing the work.” – Ranata