How Is the Flood Disaster Relief Going?

by | Apr 21, 2021

We give thanks to every donor who has helped our teachers and students affected by the disaster in Indonesia's Southeastern Archipelago. Your support has not only benefited their families but has also impacted the communities around them.”


For the past couple of weeks, Mustard Seed teachers have initiated a relief program by searching for victims, developing public kitchens, preparing food, delivering resources, and searching for victims. Thousands of food packages and hygiene products have been delivered to families in several villages. Solar lamps, face masks, medicine, baby supplies, and sleeping mats were also distributed.

Ari, Mustard Seed’s site leader for our school on the Island of Promise, managed to get trucks of fresh water to deliver to families whose wells are flooded and muddy. These families live in remote villages without access to fresh water. Since the flash flood and storm hit, they had to hike to the mountain to retrieve water. Thanks to faithful donors, these families now have access to clean water (watch their video below).

In addition, teachers also conducted programs to promote healing from the trauma for students and children affected by the disaster.

We appreciate your prayers and generosity!