Let Our Love Flood their Lives!

by | Dec 17, 2020

Let Our Love Flood Their Lives

In North America, December is the holiday season, full of traditions and celebrations. Shopping malls offer discounts as customers shop for gift exchanges, baking supplies and decorations while children eagerly wait for Christmas morning to open piles of shiny boxes.


But for children in highland Papua, the end of the year means that they need to be extra careful. The rainy season has arrived and pathways to school have become muddy and soggy. Thunderstorms can come at any time, causing heavy flooding of the rivers.

Please take time today to watch the video below from Constance, one of our TransformNation interns. It shows the challenges five children faced as they attempted to cross a raging river. Barefooted, these children walked kilometres just to go to school. The river was on their way to MSI’s partner school. The rain poured heavily all day after they arrived at school. When it was time to go home, they realized there had been a flash flood on the river they needed to cross. After trying unsuccessfully and putting their lives in danger, they gave up and decided to stay overnight at the school, waiting to return home until after the flooding ended.

This Christmas, please remember these children and their teachers in your prayers. For them, school is the only place they can learn how to read. For them, school is the first place they will learn about numbers. For them, school is the only option to improve their future. So, they will pay any price, no matter how challenging it may be.

This Christmas, please consider supporting them. Your donation will keep them in classrooms full of activities with loving teachers. No matter how big the flood that is coming our way, we will make sure these children receive the education they deserve!