Rini.GGowenlock.CoverBWe continue to receive many letters and cards from the students whose lives are changed due to the support received from our generous donors. We are sharing a few more letters to this post to encourage those supporting our ministry:


Dear Mrs. L,Naomi-Temmy.ClaraLahmer.EngB

I am very thankful to God and to you for supporting me and my family. I am convinced of the greatness of God in my family.

Thank you for helping me in prayer. Since I was young, I have been very angry, disappointed and hurt with my father because he left us leaving my mother to toil away to make ends meet and put me through school. Every day I cried out in prayer and at long last the Lord called me to be a teacher in the TransformNation program.

Thank you for helping me Mrs. L, please continue to pray for me and my mother to always rely on the strength of God in the face of any situation. Also please pray for my father as well, that I would be able to forgive him.

One of the reasons I want to become a teacher is because I want to help children who have faced similar experiences. Please pray for me that I will continue to be used by God to do his will, serving the children of the future and that the Holy Spirit would grant me the strength, wisdom and ability to do so. Finally please pray for my studies.

Thank you Mrs. L for being a blessing to me and being a part of my life. I pray that the Lord will always be with you.




Eva-Sinta.Swagermans.Cover.To Mr. & Mrs. S

Hey, how are the father and mother? I hope the father and mother are fine. I am very happy to be able to write a letter to Father and Mother again. Thank you for always supporting me in prayer and funds.

I am very grateful for this semester to be over and I feel like the knowledge I gained can make me become better and help me give the best for the children of the future whom God has prepared ahead of me.
Father and mother please pray for my heart which is currently not at peace with those who hurt me, for my relationship with God and my commitment to God. Also please pray that I have a heart that is always grateful to God and that I can give my best to the glory of God.

I always pray for you and your family that whatever the struggle, God will help you through it and that you and your family are always blessed by God.

I want to tell you about the current struggles I face. I have many vices that people do not like and are easily offended. Many friends complain about my nature when I make a mistake though they do not want to reprimand me. It made me feel sad; I always asked God why He gave me this nature. Why not give me the nature of another? I always tried to become what others wanted but the Lord rebuked me when I was reading Purpose Driven Life day 32 when the Word of the Lord said to me, “Why do you compare yourself with others? I created you with a destination and chose the nature that I gave you”. I was crying when I read that because I realized I was not grateful for what God had given me. When I attended church the Word of the Lord rebuked me again while I was singing a song called You adalanku. Why did I not rely on God when I was sad? God is always faithful to help me and never leaves me but I had forgotten this. I was too focused on my education. Lyrics I want memberituhu Mr. and Mrs. because I want to share what I was feeling and now I am committed once again to give my life to the Lord and mengandalakan God because I am sure and believe that God is always there. I hope this song can be a blessing to Father and Mother. This is the poem…





Hello Ms. H! How are you? I am good and healthy and hope you are too.pic-hardy

I am very happy to write to you and share my stories with you. In South East Asia the rainy season has ended and we are now entering the dry season. The weather is also getting hotter. My friends and I have been preparing for the orientation and reception of the new students from other villages. I am happy because I will have new brothers and sisters from different cultures.

In the love of Christ.



7-Jo.WayneDaniels.CoverBHi Mr. D, best wishes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who always blesses us and is continually faithful. I am pleased to be able to write and send this letter to you. I am proud to have a sponsor while I continue my studies. During the time I lived in the dorms I struggled initially with conforming to the rules but before long I adjusted and am learning to enjoy life while under these rules. Please continue to pray for me.

Mr. D, thank you for being a sponsor for me. You never knew me but you had a heart to care about someone you never knew. Thank you for your concern and love for me. My greatest longing is that I would be able to meet and thank you for all that you have done for me.

I can only pray for Mr. D and your family. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.



Mr. and Mrs. H

How are you?

I would like to share my story with you. I am so glad that I can write a letter to you again. This semester I am reading a lot of books on leadership and now I am in charge of more than 10 people in the dorms. All of them are older than me and sometimes I despair due to their behaviors and habits. Sometimes they ignore my words and do not follow the dorm rules. I stress ou

t when they do as they wish such as listening to music that others dislike or leaving their lamp on while sleeping and disturbing the sleep of others in the dorm. However even though this causes me stress I made the decision to tackle these things and am able to overcome because of God and your prayer support.

Five months ago I wrote to my parents regarding you, telling them that you are second parents to me. You support me both financially and in prayer constantly. My family was glad and they said, “Thank you so much for your support for our son Tirta”. Then my mother said “Ask them to come when you graduate so that I can embrace them”. But I replied “We cannot make that decision, our part is to pray for them and God will do his work if it is His will for them to come to us” to which my mother replied “Yes, you are right”.

This semester I hope to be wise with my time and in every responsibility and opportunity that God gives to me. I want to be a model leader for my older brothers and friends at the dorm.

This is my story. How about yours?

Thank you



Dear Mrs. W,

How are you Mrs. W? I hope you are fine and protected by the Lord Jesus.

I feel very happy when I received a Christmas greeting card from Mrs. W along with Mrs. L and some others a few months ago. I saved the card in my Calculus book and when I am tired of Calculus I read the letter and regain the motivation to keep learning. Thank you for the card.

In June there will be a new batch of younger siblings joining the TransformNation program and in preparation for their arrival I was appointed as a coordinator. I’m learning to lead others with humility and wisdom. We’ve made preparations through the year and I feel happy because this will give my experience in leadership though at times I found it difficult because I had to get along with those who I might not otherwise enjoy working with. However I am happy because I feel closer to my friends and have gotten to know them on another level. I found it was easier for me to help and understand my friends in the dorms. In a few more days I will have new siblings and I am very happy to welcome them. I already have ideas for what we can do especially those from my hometown. Usually academics is not their strong point so I have made plans to assist them.

I am also still learning to use my time wisely and though sometimes I do not I am always making an effort to improve.

I am pleased to be learning psychology and I often borrow books at the library to read. I have learned a lot about people from the books I’ve read. I was amazed and in awe of God when I learned that everyone is created different. It helps me not to compare people because they are all different and unique.

Currently I am also learning to make better use of instructional media and computers using secondhand goods that I have around me.

A few weeks ago after I received a greeting card, I called my family and told them about the letter. They are also happy and grateful for it.

Lastly I have a few prayer items that I would like prayer for:

• That I would be obedient to the will of God in whatever way that I can serve him in the future.

• That my family would receive Christ as their Savior in earnest.

• I am learning to share my life with others by helping them, listening to them and praying with and for them. Please pray that I can do these things earnestly.

• Please pray that I become more sensitive to the Words of God as I learn to hear His voice

Thank you for loving me and always keeping me in your prayers. May Jesus Christ continue to bless you.



There is a village which has recently experienced a flood and many houses are submerged. The roads are flooded too and I feel very much for the children who cannot safely get to school. I personally wish to serve this village and desire to serve in difficult places and live in a simpler situation than my current one. Please pray for this, that I may see God’s plan and that God would strengthen my desires so that after I finish my studies I would be a blessing and teach the children from this village.



Hi Uncle Pand Aunt F, I am Alicia, the person you are sponsoring. I am very happy because I could make this letter for you. I do not know what would have happened in my future without help from you guys and for that I am extremely grateful.

10 - SPersonsCoverB

letter-rehaDuring college and being in this program I feel like my nature and attitude has greatly changed. I want to tell you about my experiences, what I wrestle with currently and my hopes for the future.

1. My experiences: I actually was a very shy child who rarely wanted to talk with others. However since coming to this place, I experienced a tremendous change and I started to have more confidence in myself and started to see the plan that God has for my life. My experience in this program has been unforgettable.

2. My struggles: Something that I have been struggling with is how I can be a role model to everyone living in the dormitories. I pray for this and that I grow stronger in Christ constantly.

3. My hopes for the future: that I be a blessing to those around me and obediently follow the plan that God lays out for my life.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and supporting me.