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Go the Distance Challenge

Hello, welcome to our village

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This is the route we take everyday to get to school.
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Our Journey

Every day, we walk far away from home in a group of two-three children. Adults only come with us if the river is flooded, to help us cross over. One of our teachers, Uncle Tirta, said that we walk 8 km to go to school, and another 8 km to go home. Do you think it's far? We think it's fun! As we walk across the hilly mountains, valleys, forests, and rivers, we see many animals!

We don't usually wear shoes, as it's easier to grab the dirt and stones on the slippery paths with our bare feet or with simple slippers.

Listen to our conversation with Uncle Tirta, our teacher:

Our House

These are the houses where we live. We call it Honai and Ebe'ai. The Honai's walls are round with thick grass roof. Do you think they look like a mushroom?

A Honai is where daddy, uncles, and the boys live. Mom, aunties, and the girls sleep in the Ebe'ai. The shape of an Ebe'ai is similar to a Honai, but with a long rectangle walls. A small village cluster consists of one or more Honai and Ebe'ai.

Inside our house, we feel really warm, The walls and thick roof protect us from the cold mountain breeze.

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Our School

This is our school. We love our school! At school, we learn many things, like reading, math, music, art, and English. In total, we have 52 friends. After we graduate from this elementary school, we will need to go to another city to continue our education. Mustard Seed will also support that high school! So we are guaranteed to have more commited teachers to teach us.

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Our Teachers

Now we have wonderful teachers who are kind and full of love. We want to be like them when we grow up. Our elementary school has 11 dedicated teachers.

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