Lucie's Big 70

Birthday Fundraising

Paying It Forward for Gender Equity

With every $70 donated, I’m giving another $70.

I see my big 7-O coming up and realize how grateful I am for amazing family, friends and the opportunities I’ve had. Growing up on a farm as the youngest of four girls we were taught we could do it if we put our minds to it. That proved true for me throughout my life. I have much to celebrate at this milestone.

So, I'm paying it forward, celebrating my 70th for gender equity,  for girls in a remote place where girls are told they’ll never amount to much; polygamy is prestigious, and rape is seen as an entitlement. I receive messages like this:

Today the village chief visited, filled with praise for the school. He suddenly wanted to help and was offering a good sum of money. This news brought three teenaged girls running to their teacher in tears; if the chief’s money were in the school, he’d have access to them.

This message sits heavy on my heart. It came from the Papuan Highlands where Mustard Seed, the organization I’ve been a part of for 20 years, opens and partners with village schools. The culture would accept their chief’s sly abuse.

The work of Mustard Seed is to train high school graduates from remote areas to be teachers of influence empowering young men and women alike through transformative Christian education. Through education, Papuan women can understand their value and their male counterparts can learn how to treat them as equals with love and respect. There is still much work to be done but God is moving in the lives of young people throughout the Papuan Highlands.

My birthday party expense fund will match your generosity!

During my birthday month of May, every time a donation brings me $70 closer to my goal of $2,000, I’ll be adding $70.
Will you help me help these girls, for all their worth?

Watch a video from Kashi, a native Papuan female teacher I support: