Mustard Seed Partners: Lucie's Update

by | Sep 30, 2017 | 2 comments

Lucie with Mustard Seed InternationalJohn and I have been ‘on the road’ heading East again. We were treated to bed and breakfast, lunch, and dinner and speaking opportunities by Mustard Seed supporters.

And we were treated to stories.

Stories of being encouraged by Lillian Dickson’s newsletters when living through a dry rough patch; of being called to her husband’s bedside to transcribe his dying wish, in Taiwanese, to spread the Gospel to the “South Seas”; how the impact of Dickson’s lead to naming their first son, Dickson; how Lillian couldn’t sit still; how she got up on a box and drew everyone right into the lives of forgotten and marginalized people; how Paul Richardson’s phone call and his book spoke hope into their hearts; and treasured clippings, pictures, and letters saved in scrapbooks from sponsored children and teachers told their own stories.

The Lord blessed us deeply through everyone we met and we extend our heartfelt thanks.

God bless, John & Lucie



    Hi Lucie:
    It is always so great to hear the wonderful work of Mustard Seed and to remember the Dicksons. As a young child, over the years, at Toronto Downtown CPC we learned about the work of Mustard Seed through Missionary Band (at our old church when it was at 474 University Avenue}. Also, because of the involvement of my father-in-law Rev. Edward Ling with Lillian Dicksons with Mustard Seed. God bless you as you continue to serve with Mustard Seed. Love in the Lord HELEN LING

  2. Marsha Guthrie

    Thank you Lucie – you were the”face” of Mustard Seed when I first got involved – I appreciate the personal response from my submissions and a visit a year ago from you and John. I have always felt that my involvement in Mustard Seed was much more than a “cheque in the mail”. Bless you for your involvement with Mustard Seed.
    Marsha Guthrie