March 2018 Prayer Calendar

by | Mar 1, 2018

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

March 2018

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”


 01: John 2.13-25 Pray for the TFN coaches, that they would grow to love their roles & that they would be helpful & clear as they help the trainees develop.

02-03: Exodus 12.1-36 Please pray for smooth transitions in the MSI office as our administrator begins maternity leave and our team welcomes a new staff member.

Sunday 04-05: Psalm 69 Please pray for the TfN students who are finishing their final thesis.

06: Numbers 21.1-20 Please pray that CEC will keep growing to empower children; may the children experience God's love through the staff.

07: 2 Chronicles 36.5-23 Please pray for the teenagers at M Youth Centre, that they would look to God when they are faced with temptation & not succumb to it.

08-09: Psalm 68 We praise the Lord! He treats us with kindness day after day, & rescues us. He always protects & saves us from death. Pray for continued protection for all of MSI’s workers & national partners in the field.

10: John 3.14-30 Please pray for a revelation of God’s love for every child & youth that MSI comes in contact with.

Sunday 11-12: Psalm 107 Please pray for approval of permits so the construction can move ahead at Victory Place, our new TfN site.

13-14: Jeremiah 31 Please pray for protection & health for MSI’s staff, board members & their families.

15: Psalm 51 Please pray for Dadang & the teachers he is supervising, that they would become a strong team who spreads the hope of Jesus in their communities.

16: 2 Samuel 12.1-15a Please pray for wisdom & direction for TfN staff as they are recruiting the next class, which will commence in June 2018.

17: Hebrews 4.14-5.10 Please pray for Seeds of Hope Children’s Home today, as their surrounding community is celebrating a religious ceremony of a majority faith.  Pray that they would be able to share the love & light of Jesus.

Sunday 18: John 12.20-36 Give thanks for & lift up Angie, a cross-cultural worker, who is celebrating her birthday today!

19: Luke 2.41-52 Pray for student teachers who are teaching in local schools, that they would be a blessing to their communities.

20: Isaiah 42.1-13 Please pray for the isolated communities in Southeast Asia to be open to Christian education & an outpouring of God’s love.

21: Isaiah 49.1-13 Please pray for the children of MSI’s national partners who are pursuing university education, that they would flourish in their studies & be safe when far from home.

22: Isaiah 50 Please pray for M Youth Centre to be used by God to reach the Christian students who currently attend government schools.

23: Isaiah 52.13-53.12 Please pray for sponsors for the eight new children who have recently moved into Slippery Rock Children’s Home.  Praise God that He is their Provider!

24: Zechariah 9.9-17 Please pray for our faithful prayer partners who bring these requests before the Lord daily.  Pray that they would be abundantly blessed for their faithful service to the Kingdom of God.

Sunday 25-26: Mark 11 Thank God that whatever we ask in prayer will be answered if we only believe. Please pray for an increase of faith today for those who are struggling to believe.

27: Mark 12.1-27 Please pray that our teachers would be like Jesus & be honest, treat everyone with respect & teach the truth.

28-29: Mark 14.1-52 Please pray that we would each have a steadfastness of faith to stand for Jesus when others betray Him & to persevere in prayer when others slumber.

30: Mark 15.6-41 Good Friday. May we all observe the depth of Jesus’ suffering for us & may we also be willing to suffer for His sake.

31: 1 Peter 3.8-4.6 Please pray that the power of Jesus’ resurrection would be real to us & everyone we come in contact with.

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