Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship March 2022

by | Feb 27, 2022

Our students were just returning to in-person learning when the Omicron variant swept unmercifully through Indonesia’s islands. Please pray for protection over the health of our students, teachers, and staff. May the present challenges not steal their joy and courage to serve the Lord.

MARCH 1 / EXODUS 34:10-35
Pray for our lab school, that God would watch over their staff of 120 committed people.

Give thanks for everyone supporting teachers-in-training. Their financial care and correspondence show love and encouragement.

Applications for TransformNation’s 2022 class are being reviewed. Thank God for attracting applicants who have a heart and burden to serve children in remote areas.

Thank God for Harta (TfN Alumni) and Evan and Martin (TfN interns) for their effort and perseverance starting a new school. They express their joy in the Lord with their students even when they face opposition.

Give thanks for Tirta (TfN Alumni) who walked for two weeks to enrol in a MSI Christian high school. Today, he’s pioneering a school in his home village.

Tirta has recruited many villagers to help at the new school. Please pray that these volunteers would follow Tirta’s exemplary leadership.

Give thanks for those who have helped to furnish classrooms and provided teaching materials for the new schools.

Give thanks for Pastor Sani and Elka’s loving leadership at Slippery Rock Children’s Home. More children are arriving to attend Junior High. Ask God to bring supporters to care for them through prayer, encouragement, and financial support.

Join Slippery Rock’s leader, Pastor Sani in praising God as Bayge and Ugo have chosen to be baptized.

MARCH 11 / HEBREWS 11:1-16
Give thanks for Bema, who broke his back in a fall 20 years ago. He is now tutoring high school students in their reading. Pastor Sani shares that their progress is evident!

MARCH 12-13 / EXODUS 33:1-14
Join Pastor Sani in prayer that the children won’t become addicted to playing video games as a result of online studying for so long.

MARCH 14 / LUKE 3:1-9
Two local churches gifted rice, snacks, fresh vegetables, fish, and fruit for the children at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. Praise God!

MARCH 15 / LUKE 13:18-35
Pray for the children that we serve everywhere.
May they grow in knowledge, spirit, and character.

MARCH 16 / 1 CORINTHIANS 10:1-17
Pray for TfN teachers to maximize every opportunity to influence their students’ lives and to bring them closer to God.

MARCH 17/ 1 CORINTHIANS 10:18:11:1
Praise God for the way that Mustard Seed students are impacting their parents as they see the positive changes in their children.

Give thanks for school counselors who navigate and encourage parents who come to them to ask about what’s changed their children. May God give them wisdom.

MARCH 19-20 / LUKE 2:41-52
Praise God for the cooperation between the local government and the school on Rusen Island this year.

MARCH 21 / ROMANS 4:1-12
The Rusen government trusts the leadership of Xavier (TfN Alumni), Marius and Elisa (TfN interns) to be role models for schools in the area.

MARCH 22 / ROMANS 4:13-25
Pray for all TfN teaching teams to work together, respecting and supporting one another in Christ.

MARCH 23 / LUKE 15:1-10
Praise God! The mentors at C Empowerment Center (CEC)were able to gather in person to share their valuable experiences supporting their students.

MARCH 24 / LUKE 15:11-32
Praise God for the gift of hand sanitizer for every child and enough to share with the CEC community.

MARCH 25 / LUKE 1:26-38
Pray for Class B—Alicia, Leland, Constance, Raymond, Mark, Jonathan, Erin, and Jordon—as they finish their TfN internships this summer and discern God’s
will for their next steps.

MARCH 26-27 / PSALM 40
Pray for Class F—Chula, Annette, Kari, Velsa, Aflen, Astina, Jane, Rita, Jackie and Isaiah—as they are writing their thesis. Pray for resilience and persistence to finish well.

MARCH 28 / HEBREWS 10:19-39
Please pray for Class F as they are also preparing for their internships. May God give them wisdom to decide the best place for each of them.

MARCH 29 / HEBREWS 11:32-12:2
Pray for the groups and committees in TfN to learn how to work together as a team, and to respect others in order to accomplish their goals.

MARCH 30 / PSALM 126
Offer thanks for Mustard Seed and all the sponsors who have supported children and TfN students all this time. We are thankful for their heart and love for Indonesian children. May God bless them and their families.

MARCH 31 / ISAIAH 43:14-28
Give thanks to our faithful God, the Alpha and the Omega, who started and sustains the work of Mustard Seed.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.